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Could also check out audiencefuel.com

It's typical customer is media companies but they have been expanding their service.

Recommend starting with focusing on your audience first. Make sure it's relevant to who you are trying to reach. Pay attention to tone (mirrors the sentiment of your reader) and use simple, friendly and jargon free language.

Structurally these tips may help:

- Page titles (at least 4 words, less than 72 characters) should contain at least one focused keyword/phrase
-Keywords/phrases should appear in the first paragraph but no more than 5.5% density of total words on the page
- Body copy at least 200 words, centered around one or two keywords/phrases
- If images are on the page, add alt-text
- Use no more than one H1 tag
- If the page is more than 300 words, use sub-headlines (h2, h3).
- Include one hyperlink for every 120-150 words of body content (Example: 500 words should have 5 hyperlinks)
If relevant, add interior linking to relevant pages on your website)
- Don’t keyword stuff or spam with linking multiple time to same page

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