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Managing Director - Omnicore Healthcare Marketing

Talk to me about Inbound Marketing, PR, and SEO.

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Definitely not. I've personally seen a lot of websites on Page #1 ranking with a dash in the domain.

Type in SEO Outsourcing, the first result has a dash.
Type in Hard Reset Galaxy S4, again, the first result has a dash int he domain name.

All you need is to focus on your digital marketing strategy, not just on link building or SEO, but a complete digital marketing strategy for your business.

I would suggest Instagram for sure. There are plenty of people who are showing off their watches. Take a look at this account for example:

You'll see a lot of photos with premium watches being tagged from the original store accounts. You can leverage by sparking conversation on those pictures, follow hashtags, make one of your own.

If your product is good and you execute this well you can definitely get some momentum.

The key is to think beyond your first 100 or 1000 sales. How do you service those customers, do you get them to spread your product? What incentives do you give them?

These are few questions worth pondering on.


I think there is a 20/80 rule that applies here too where 20% share is of the quality and great content while the rest is in how well you promote it.

We've been doing that too and saw good share on our personal blog at Omnicore.

One more tip that I can give is to bring in experts as the Ego-bait posts get shared a lot.

If you're interested in putting the content marketing plan in action for 2014, set up a call.

Best Wishes,

True, however we've come to a point where we no longer call ourselves SEO Experts or Link Building experts as we to get our clients the desired results we need to be good at website artchitecture, understanding social, gamification, analytics, do split test with both design as well as copy and further more focus on just not attracting customers but nurturing them converting them.

Therefore it has got a bit complex but extremely exciting at the same time.

I hope that answers your question :)

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