Larry SmithStrategic Marketing and Advanced Technology
I’m a full-stack revenue executive with proven performance, having founded 6 companies with two public market exits. I'm expert in marketing and technology with a strong bias toward innovation and development. Currently I consult on topics of digital transformation using business architecture focused on customer experience (CX), marketing, and product development with a heavy emphasis on IT and data architecture.
Thematix: Digital transformation using business architecture. Consult on advanced technology including AI/cognitive computing, Industrial Internet of Things, Blockchain, Ontology and semantics.
Live Idea: Strategic marketing and branding; new product development.
THCG: Hybrid VC fund, Investment Bank, and incubator of technology and internet businesses
US Interactive: e-commerce, websites, online marketing

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You can't sell an idea unless you are in the advertising agency business. Patents are a 5 year, $20,000 process, where at the end you might be able to license it. If you think you have a really powerful idea, you need to make it into an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Go to few hackathons and recruit a crew.

Designer first. You say you have a plan and wireframe, so can we assume you've talked to a dozen perfect customers (the exact type of person who will buy it)? If so, then you proabably are close to functional technical requirements. Giving an idea life by giving it a face gets your farther in the early stages when pitching for customers or investors.

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