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An adviser who has actually been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the coin. Seasoned, discreet, unbiased adviser. Banking and Finance (6/63) Retail Management (high sales/ low shrink) Marketing and Sales (Branding, Product, Social Media, SEO, Attraction) Public and Community Relations Business, Organization, Community Dev. Real Estate (sales & commercial) Broadcasting, TV, Radio, Online Entrepreneur & Executive Training 1st Female Voice 3d Inf (TOG) Coach, Author, Speaker

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I know from my banking experience this is a difficult industry to break into and even more difficult to sustain. But if done properly can be quite lucrative.

As a Marketing and Social Media trainer I advise of various combinations of methods. One size does not fit all.

Generating leads via seo and ads can be just as time consuming and more costly than social media or attraction marketing. This may also set you apart as a more caring, trustworthy and informed expert in your industry from the stigma you mentioned going on right now. Consider blogging to shed light on the benefits of the service, be an industry leader and shift the image. You can even use curated content or have staff contributors.

I'm available for a call if you need further assistance. Much success to you!

Yes these are all good, engagement is never bad. But also consider using your existing customer base. A contest to generate traffic within sphere of influence businesses (if you have none host/attend local events and connect w/ IG. I find that location tools, tracking and etc. are most useful when you have an existing pool to start with, connect dots and show ratings/reviews Hope this helps. Much success to you!

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