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I co-founded 4 startups, helped in 5 others. I built a remote team of 30 volunteers in 6 months, by just creating an awesome environment to work in. Let me help you launch your tech startup!

I have an INSEAD/Wharton MBA, 10y in tech and entrepreneurship, in Japan and Singapore. But you can create the best remote team anywhere.

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We'd need more information to provide a answer to your specific needs, but on top of the most well-known fundraising options (angel investment, self-funding, crowdsourcing), you may want to consider govenrment grants (depending on where you're incorporated, for example NHS in the UK provides significant support to Healthtech startups), or grants and fundraising support from nonprofit foundations whose thesis matches yours. You can also look at partial investment solutions, such as venture builders. Creatella Ventures (disclosure: I'm its founder) is a Venture Builder that can finance half of the costs of all the design and development efforts (which is usually the highest costs) for the first years, until you're able to reach series A.
I'd recommend a blended approach, wich a bit of self-funding (to show skin in the game), 1 or 2 angels (FFF), hopefully grants and venture building. Don't try VCs though, it's at a later stage.
Best of luck!

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