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1. Snapchat show, follow me on StringStory, my audience are filled with VC, CEOs, broadcasters and influencers
2. I help brand and influencers leverage emerging social and tech tools to reach wider audience and develop their brand narratives.
3. I once had 44k followers on Meerkat (and then it died)
4. I worked with Bitcoin startups
5. Have you heard of a digital unicorn, I'm one.

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Snap Inc (widely known as Snapchat) is moving towards hardware and wants to be known for being a camera company.

It like Google rebranding itself as Alphabet and becoming a smaller branch of the whole company.

Snapchat is not a failed product as they plan to move to IPO their brand for a value of 25-30 Billion dollars (that's a unicorn value).

Regarding their hardware move, they are setting up a Research & Development (R&D) office in Shenzhen, China, a global manufacturing hub that brings in

Since it’s main strategy is to acquire startups that lines up with above goal.

See the list of acquisitions here:
Snap Inc. - (Source: Crunchbase -

Areas of interest include wearable and flying cameras with names like Narrative and Lily Robotics having been part of discussions.

Feel free to ask more about Snapchat or Snap Inc. I really am BIG on the platform itself.

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