Yonatan Raz-FridmanFounder & President at Kano

Started KANO. Backed by Jim Breyer, Marc Benioff, Martin Sorrell, Troy Carter, Index Ventures & more. Customers in over 80 countries; $1.5m on Kickstarter; Loved by TIME & WIRED. Nearly $20m in financing. An award winning product (Reddot, Cannes Lions).
Before that, at KETER, one of world's largest DIY & home improvement consumer brands; Over $1b revenue, over 90 countries.

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Hello. My experience showed me that it is definitely not easy to get money from a bank especially in the early stages. It really depends on what type of business you are starting.

Banks would usually look for risk management in the form of assets you own in case the business doesn't progress as planned. Unlike venture capitalists who are used to take a risk on startup investment, in the case of a bank it's very different and not trivial but I may not know all the schemes that banks offer in the US (is this where you are located?)

I'd be happy to help you on your thinking process and cover the key points over a phone call.

Hope this helps

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