Oleg LolaCEO at MobiDev

Oleg Lola, CEO at MobiDev, is a talented business manager and a skilled mobile developer who has a 10-year experience in the IT sphere. He believes in ideas of his clients and makes everything to make them tangible.

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You can always turn to UpWork, the biggest workplace for developers. It's easy and you will find exactly who you are looking for. Or turn to MobiDev (https://mobidev.biz), it'll be faster and more reliable.
Good luck!

If you are also considering outsourcing, you'll see that there are plenty to choose from. I'm here to offer you contact MobiDev (https://mobidev.biz). It's a software-development company with offices in several countries, one of them is in San Francisco.

It's great that you are looking for a software development partner, not just some developers. There are plenty of resources to find the software development teams you would like to work with, but as I bunped into your question - I'd like to introduce you to MobiDev - a reliable software development company. You can check out our profile https://mobidev.biz/, or just send me a reply.
If you are not interested it's ok - thanks for your time.

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