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Startup advisor in IT and operations. I started life as a consultant for one of the big 4 and then moved into industry working in telecoms, e-commerce and finally FinTech where the company I worked for hit the Forbes FinTech 50 list. I've been on both sides of the table when it comes to sourcing equity and investing it and so I have a broad range of experience that any young startup can tap into

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I agree with the others, having been on both sides of the fundraising table where you develop your IT is not an issue as long as your MVP works. How well it works is another matter though and that depends on whether you are looking to build a MVP that you can build upon or one that you will completely replace once you receive funding - that is something important for a VC to know

I've been working with offshore teams in India since 2000 and there are many things you need to be wary of, so you should ensure you have the time and skills to closely monitor the offshore team otherwise you may find out that in the long run it is as not as cheap as you had hoped

As David mentions, if you are not in India then nearshoring is a much better option as you'll be able to manage the team more easily. I recently switched from offshoring to a nearshoring model and it works much better.

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