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What makes millennials tick? How can the largest generation play into aviation and how are we (millennials) going to influence the industry in the future?

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I think that this a problem that can easily be worked around to suit your skills. I myself, am also sort of an introvert. For finding new clients, I have always found that going online and finding businesses that I would want to have as clients, has worked for me the best.

After learning more about their business, you can 'cold email' them. I have found that this a good approach for me because I can effectively lay out my service to the potential client and it allows them to respond to me on their own time; whereas forcing them to accept a cold call. The same approach can work by finding social media accounts for businesses that are lacking and then Tweeting/Messaging them about your business and how it can benefit them.

I believe that offering someone a reward for finding clients for you is a viable option, but I think that you can still be an introvert and be successful in finding clients.

I hope that these were some options that you will consider, if you have not already. If I can help in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me.



I think that is great that you have all of the "hard" stuff hashed out (the theoretical items and target market identification). Now it is time to put your plan into action and do what you started the business for; to get clients.

I find it first beneficial to ensure that I believe in the product that I have. Obviously you believe in it enough to do all the work thus far and look for validation to do what is next. Having belief that it can be successful will show you that there is nothing to fear, one person is bound to like the idea. From all of those who don't listen or don't enjoy your product, chalk them up as learning lessons and move on.

Surely, you have faced a similar position of being afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Inevitably, you eventually got out of it and you grew from it. Entrepreneurship is all about growing; I look forward to you and your business growing.

The tactic that I found the best to go out and telling potential clients about my company/me is telling someone that I am going to do it. "Hey, I am going to pitch my business to this Friday," I have found myself saying to friends/family. Well now, I really have to do it; I can't lie to them. Saying something and fulfilling that expectation is a great way to overcome this sort of fear that I, and numerous of other entrepreneurs, have.

I wish you the best of luck moving forward, I would love to talk some more and help this idea become a reality.


Grant Boyd


I like the notion that you have an idea and want to make it successful, but I am afraid that you are just trying to sell an idea that already exists. This idea has been around for quite a while; the only problem is that no one has made a good proof of the concept.

That is where you can come in, You will need to make a prototype (first having to learn the skills necessary). Obviously, this costs money. So to answer your question, I think that Government Funding would be a good place to start. If you search 'Government Grants/Funds for Entrepreneurship' (or something like that) there will tons of things that pop up. Hopefully, one of these will have the criteria that is similar to your vision, so you can apply for it.

I also think that the application will help you hammer out your thoughts and help you decide if you want to move forward with this and if so, how you can go about it.

I think that is a good place to start, as with talking to the entrepreneurship department at your local university and accessing some of those resources.

I hope that this adequately answered your question. I would love to talk with you more.




I would first start off searching LinkedIn for different groups in your area that cater to business networking. The ones in my area typically have mixers where many entrepreneurs and the like attend.

Another avenue that has been successful for me has been looking at my town's Chamber of Commerce website. My Chamber puts on numerous events throughout the year, as well as having smaller groups one can be a part of that have additional events. Often the events have big names come in to mingle with.

I hope this is a start for you on trying to find networking events. I would love to speak more to you, because I have many more avenues that have been successful for me, in regards to networking.



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