MIGUEL REYNOLDS Entrepreneur; Author; Mentor

Serial Entrepreneur - founder of several companies and NGOs. Experienced strategist, negotiator, business broker, mentor and author. Strategic management adviser for several institutions in Portugal, Brazil and USA.

Graduated in Engineering and Management with several post-graduations in Negotiation and Influencing Strategies, Human Resources Development, Strategic Uses of Technology, Advanced Management and International Strategic Management, Game theory and Gamification.

Author of books and articles in strategic management systems, entrepreneurship, business brokering and teleworking. The last book, published in May 2015, is "The Sustainable Organisation - a paradigm for a fairer society". (www.sorgindex.com)

International speaker in several areas such as: strategic management; e-work, entrepreneurship; venture capital; business brokerage; business citizenship; sustainable integration of disable people.

International Business Broker, focusing in SME

Start-ups mentor and business Angel. Inventor, author of two patents.

Specialties: Negotiation; Strategy; Multi-criteria analyses; Business Modeling; Business Brokering; Franchise concept and development; Marketing; Financing; Planning; Telework; Software; IT

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In my experience working in similar cases in several countries, I can say that any complex solution starts by simplifying it and concentrate on the essential. So focus on your objectives and you will do fine.

The model of collaboration you propose seem reasonable to me. I will be happy to explore it with you.

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