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Owner at, Online Course Consultant, Founder of Healthy Mom University, co-founder of MySitterHub, eLearning expert and consultant, former elementary teacher and middle school trainer, mother of 3.

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This depends on exactly what your goals and timeline are in your business. You should ask yourself if the business class you are looking at will directly benefit what you are doing in your business short term. Since you are trying to launch a business, you'll likely have to put in a great deal of your time and energy to lift off, so taking a business class could create unnecessary stress, unless the class is directly related to helping you launch. I think your attention to personal/business development is so great! But during this crucial time, be very careful how you allocate your time and only give the most important activities priority. I've seen people spend years and years on "learning" only to never actually launch anything. Best of luck!

There are several great Wordpress plugins that offer capabilities for having a course membership site where your contents are organized: Wishlist Member, Optimize Press, Member Press, Zippy Courses (there are many more!). I'm also a fan of 3rd party hosted course platforms like Thinkific, Teachable, and Ruzuku. The number one question I ask when searching for the right course platform is, "What will the user experience be like for my students?" I look for something that has an intuitive user interface and allows the student flexibility in navigation. There are several factors to take into consideration but that is a start. Good luck!

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