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Well, revenues are the return that you have from your investment. If for example, you have a flat and you rent it you are going to have the monthly payment as a revenue. But you have to pay, let say the common expenses. the garbage recollection or the repair of the refrigerator. Then you are going to have the gross profit A.K.A "income before taxes"

Then you have to pay your food, your electricity bill, etc , this is not to be invested in your property but in your personal comsuption, are are "expenses".

You should share market, not equities every language that you have mentioned has a different market value, so you should research your potential market for every language and according to the outcomes of your research.

You should also be aware of the different banking systems and legislation of your partners. It is said that the recipe for failure is to try to make everybody happy, you will not make but can be fair. That means you have to show that you respect the efforts and the resources that everyone is giving and they are going to receive a fair remuneration for that. Remeber that they are co-funders and not your employees.

Multicultural negotiations use to be very complex and for big business that means in many cases, broken contracts and loss of opportunities, the good news is that they are not impossible, and with the correct advise you can go ahead.

Hello, I have experience in the international trade and payment issues around the world.

You should be aware that, under your national legislation the incomes perceived in your account will be accountable and you should declare and pay the relevant taxes. Anyway, I am not and expert in the American taxes, so I am no going to enter in this issue.

I should assume that your friend is interested in selling his apps in the USA market, and I should assume that is your trusted friend, so there are some options that should consider as the incorporation of one company under American Laws , where you and your friends will be partners, so the incomes will be shared following the distribution you agree, so you can help your friend providing for a service he needs and you will have separated bookkeeping. This issue takes some steps from the negotiation to the distribution of dividends.

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