Kira G Educator & Administrative Business Professional

Educator & administrative business professional who holds a doctorate degree in Marketing with experience teaching business courses online and in a classroom setting. Certification in Entrepreneurship used to self-start a career in teaching English as a Second Language for Korean Fortune 500 companies (eBay, Samsung, Hyundai, etc.) and contracted as an educator for active military and veterans a Business Adjunct Instructor. Administrative business professional with a Bachelor’s in Business Management who successfully operated the Philadelphia division of a prominent mental health organization voted “Best place to work” acknowledged by

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When I attended college was very helpful for me finding internships so I suggest you start there. Next I would suggest a Craigslist ad in your local area or utilize your social media networks.

A mentor should be someone who has successfully accomplished a goal that you wish to accomplish or have great insight. I personally would like a mentor that is helpful, patient, provides good direction, and doesn't mind communicating with me.

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