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Hello, hope you are doing well. If you do not have contact with any current employee, I would suggest trying linkedin, or the companies website. Try contacting the HR dept directly, a phone call would be the best, ask them to indicate where you can send your resume. You can also try calling a local headhunter to get higher exposure. Good luck with your search, Ignacio.

Hello. I hope you are doing well! Are you trying to get your products into the EU through Croatia? Are you producing anything or only trading? Based on the information you provided, I would try contacting the local authorities or customs, you will have different fares depending on the direction of the shipment. Hope my answer was helpful, kind regards, Ignacio.

Hello! I have previously worked with BETA phase software in South America. In my opinion, your main approach should be to narrow down your market and target a specific audience thtat already understands your product, and later on expand to other users that require extra effort via-training. Feel free to contact me if you need further assistance with this issue.

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