Kai Hübnerutilizing social dynamics to overcome challenges

I am an expert in understanding and using social dynamics to solve crucial, underlying organisational challenges. Shaped and coached impactful organisations for the past 5 years (E.g. OneDollarGlasses, Enactus).
Passionate about uniting and empowering people to reach one mutual vision.
German entrepreneur and coach. Co-founder at Linguedo.

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Identify what these "gurus" need for their work or how you can contribute to their success success. If you find a way on how to contribute, provide them with free value and the offer to get back to you in case it was helpful (or they need more information or insights etc).
If they get back to you, develop a potential affiliate engagement from there, again, pointing out the benefits on her or his side.
Even if they don't end up engaging with your product, they will remember your name (due to the value you provided - if you really did) and your expertise as soon as a similar topic comes up.
Hope that helps :)

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