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2015: PR Manager in The National Future CEO Organization
2016: Board of Director
2016: Brand Manager of JuicElixir

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Hi, this is Ann, a business coach for small entrepreneurs.

Your situation is no longer related to "small business". Instead, you are in the phase of "extension". Hence, I would recommend you contact some outstanding performance coaches. Again, OUTSTANDING performance coaches!
If you expect to be outstanding, get around outstanding people :)

From my own experience in the coaching network, I would suggest you take a look at the coaches from Evercoach. They are all amazing coaches. Rich Litvin, Ajit Nawalkha or Christina Berkley are among the best coaches right now. They are pioneers in the coaching trend. They have created an extremely strong and high postion for Evercoach, one of the most professional coaching tribes so far.
I am not advertising their brand names. In fact, I am one of their clients, who have been fully convinced by the real quality of their services. If you want more information on this, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Hi, this is Ann, a business coach for small entrepreneurs. I used to work in many top positions as Branding and Marketing manager, which required my great involvement in the 4P mix (Products, Pricing, Places and Promoting).

To answer your question, I would love to mention a very fundamental principle of idea and concept generation for business.

When developing a new business, the 3 factors should be taken into consideration are 3 Cs: the customers, the competitors and the company itself. Why?
The idea might sound very amazing, but not neccessary to the customers, will they buy it? People nowadays have less time!
The competition out there is dramatic! What are my competitors doing? What is my chance to stand out from the crowd? How will it make me the strongest brand in the market?
The company has some certain resources, what are our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? In combination with the analysis of competition mentioned above, what should we do to utilize the advantages?

However, those are just the tips of the iceberg. There are always thousands of underlying factors needed to generate best solutions. Only by investigating the 3Cs very well should an entrepreneur take the risk. In your case, it is still vague for me to fully evaluate the situation. Would you like to discuss more so that I can provide you some much better suggestions?

Best regards,

Hi, this is Ann, a business coach for startups and entrepreneurs.

Starting up equals giving birth. It involves a lot of passion, time, energy, consideration and so on. Since your question is a little vague, I would love to suggest some deep inner work that you might want to work on:

1. How much do you love that company? How long do you expect to stay with it? A year? 5 years? 10 years? Or entire life?
2. How long after running your company do you expect to get back your initial investment?
3. If it could not get any financial support from investors, what would you do? Just give it up or think of plan B, C, D....?

After that, you may want to skim through the various types of company to choose one that fits your intention (sole proprietor, LLC, corporation) and read some effective strategies for the chosen one.

And the last thing is from my personal experience. You should have some co-founder or at least someone as passionate as you are since the start up path is never and will never be easy.

Hope that I have answered all of your questions. Should you need any help, feel free to contact me. Ann is always all ears!

Hi, this is Ann, a business coach for startups and entrepreneurs.

One of the best social trading strategies is supposed to be "copy trading". Copy trading allows you to copy the traders who actually know what they are doing. And the more people do the same, the more it will increase in the value of the investment. So if you are new to the game, copy trading is the best way for you to gain profits and "learn by practise" so that you will be able to make riskier decisions in the future (the riskier the investment is, the more the required return will be).

There are 3 things I would love to suggest if you use this strategy:
- be picky when choosing who to copy: you would want to make sure whether "the one" is a serious investor or has "a strike of luck".
- diversify: never put all eggs in one bag!
- choose frequent traders to copy: the more frequent, the more reliable since short-term traders may have short-term strategies to get money.

Hope that I have answered all of your problems. Should you need any help, Ann is always available.

Hi, this is Ann, a business coach with a lot of experience in strategic planning and marketing.

To me, you did a very great job. You ran some beta test to know what the customers really wanted and also estimated how much the app would generate. To be honest, not a lot of entrepreneurs can do the same.
Next, I will summarize your situation in my own words, so feel free to correct me if I get you wrong. You have already developed an app and also done some tests with it and known what should be done next. However, the app is running in a competitive industry that there is few differences between the apps and sometimes you feel like all of the apps are just following the trend and hardly bring any (real) value to the customers. Hence, you want to do something different that really brings what the customers deserve.
To be honest, after a long time working for startup companies, I realize that only a few of them really suceed. In most cases, the successful ones are the ones that care about customers the most. So, by upgrading your app constantly, you already bring them some real values.
However, if you really want to do something else because you want to create offer the world what really matters, I suggest you do some deep inner work. It is because that I know so many people (actually including me) wanting to do something really amazing but they cannot finish it because that is not what they want to live their entire life with. A business that creates great values requires a great amount of passion that may take you an entire life. Do you really want it? In addition, you may need some financial support or at least some base/foundation (that's why we have KickStart and Indiegogo). If I were you, I would consider 2 solutions below:

After finishing my deep inner work, I would know what value I wanted to bring to people.
1. Then, I would consider whether I could develop the existing app towards that direction or not
2. I would still work on the app to generate some money so that I could use it for my ultimate purpose. I was half-way there, I would not think I should quit.

These are just my suggestions, which can be biased. The choice is yours. You know what you're doing best! If you find my answer helpful, you can have a look and take it as a referrence.

Should you need any help/motivation, don't forget Ann is here to help!

Have a nice day!

Hi, I am Ann, a business coach. I believe you are also a coach, right?

Clarity has offered a way that you can link your Clarity profile to your blog.
Choose "Edit Profile", then look on the right bar and click "Add A Blog Widget". Copy and paste the embed code to your blog plug-ins.
Then done!

I would love to make good connections with coaches all over the world. Should you have any question, please remember Ann is here to help!

Have a nice day!

Hi, this is Ann, a business coach with experience in marketing and strategy.

Firtsly, I believe that your app has the unique selling point to offer to the customers. However, the USPmay not be expressed so clearly that the customers only pay attention and take no action. There are so many scenarios but the answer is always found in this process. Check out to see where you are in the process to take the appropriate action:
Step 1: identify USP (what makes your products different from the rest?)
Step 2: identify the customers that are in need of the USP. you may want to answer the question "why do they want my product?" and what do they share in common (ages, lifestyles, location, cultures...)
Step 3: briefly describe your customers in terms of psychological perspective (what kind of words/images will strike them most based on their common ground?) and branding perspective (for there are so many apps, they only want the verified ones. check if you present yourself reliable enough or not).

In fact, in some cases, the problems are more complicated and require some in-deep research (eg. the factors that customers care the most about when using apps, which requires a professional research plan...). Therefore, I suggest implementing Beta tests in focus group or general (based on the characteristics of the industry you are in and your app) to know what needs fixing.

I might not be so helpful since I have not known enough about your case. However, if you are satisfied with my answer and need more help, feel free to contact me!

Have a nice day!

Hi, I am Ann, a business coach with lots of experience in the field of marketing.

In your case, I have only 1 explaination.
"Facebook has high responsibility for your success!"
This means that although Ad 2 has less clicks, the real quality of one click under ad 2 is not as good as that in ad 1.
For example, in the 2nd campaign, when your customers click on your web, they spend less time reading it. Hence, the ROI will be lower in Ad 1. Facebook knows that and charges less.

Hope you are happy with my answer.
If you have any question related to marketing and business strategies, Ann is here to help!

Have a nice day.

Hello, this is Ann. I am a business coach for small entrepreneurs with a lot of experience in business.

About your question, I would love to make some suggestions. Scannable or Evernote are developed for this purpose. They are created by verified provider, so you don't have to worry about the quality.
In addition, if you want to have a variety of choice, you can log on AppStore and simply search the phrase "scannable pdf".

If you have any other question related to business tools or strategies, please remember that Ann is here.

Have a nice day!

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