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Created to refresh, retrain,and introduce new selling methods.

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President & Senior Partner

Mims Morning Meeting, LLC is a business development company designed to amplify the profits of any company or organization through sales skills enhancement. We train, retrain, refresh and introduce new selling ideas and methods to the business-to-business professional. We use traditional and non-traditional methods of enriching, stimulating and re-energizing the person, the team or the division of the company in the areas of quality effective business development requirements.

Time Warner Telecom/ tw telecom
7060 Empire Central
Houston, Texas 77042
Channel Manager (26 months)
Account Executive II/ BAM (18 months)

Helped in the redesigned and manages the tw telecom Channel Programs. The Channel Program supported 17 dealers at its highest point. Averaged 112% of quote for a 26 month period. The Channel Program was disbanded in 2009 by the Denver corporate office. Channel Program restarted in
Selling, Design and Marketing of networking and application services ( DS1, DS3 OC3) to business and industrial establishments. Managed 13 building in the downtown area. Averaged 79% of quote over the 18 months period. The BAM (Building Account Manager) position was dissolved
•Compiled lists of prospective customers for use as sales leads, based on information from newspapers, business directories and other sources.

350 Legget Drive Ottawa, Ontario
Strategic Account Manager/ Business Development Manager/ Channel Manager

• Selling total systems solutions voice and data communication to mid to large size enterprise customers within the southwest United States assigned territory. Developed an international market accounts base in Africa and France.
• New account sales with focus on Fortune 1000 list and Corporate Yellow Book selling I.T service. Build and maintain accurate and up to date strategic
account plans. Develops promotions by setting goals with distributors Self motivated and self disciplined and provide prompt
follow-up to all customer inquiries.
• Accounts sold ExxonMobil ( Chad Development Project Africa) Yum Brands (Pizza Hut 1300 locations) Coris ( French Engineering Company) and Burlington Resources Inc.
• Managed an account base including State of Texas MHMR with 24 locations
• Develop and implement customer sales plan and sales forecasts.
Skills: SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
International Business Relations
Worldwide Trade and Transport
Voice over Internet Protocol
Presidents Club

1000 Louisiana Houston, Texas 77002
Strategic Account Manager

Sold network bandwidth services (T-1, DS1, DS3) to business and industrial establishments.
• Compiled lists of prospective customers for use as sales leads, based on information from newspapers, business directories and other sources.
• Executed daily operations. Build and maintain accurate and up to date strategic
account plans.
• Accomplishments: Players Casino 35 locations, Millican and Michaels 10 locations
• Presidents Club
Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio
President’s Club

400 Fannin Houston, Texas 77002
Major Account Executive

• Compiled lists of prospective customers for use as sales leads, based on information from newspapers, business directories and other sources. Self motivated and self disciplined and provide prompt follow-up to all customer inquiries.
• Sales and manage account purchasing copiers and copier services.
• Accomplishments. Lockheed Martin Space Division
• Presidents Club

Recent Answers

First,Go to where the need is the largest. Understand what is driving that real need. Define that target audience and employ your solution. Stop using a shot gun to hit the target and use your revolver.
Second, Design yourself a workable 6 step sales cycle process Suspect, Prospect, Education, Proposal, Negotiation and Close.
Lastly, Keep a active flowing sales pipeline.
We will support you on all levels.
Mims Morning Meeting LLC

Great question - one that I have a bit of experience with. Eleven years of growing the Mims Morning Meeting LLC organically has taught me numerous lessons. Some of the lessons learned have certainly generated growth and revenue increase, others were just an exercise with little to no benefit and still others a great waste of my time. So the advice I share with you comes from a bought knowledge. Your question" Should I offer FREE or affordable lunch and learns for companies to fill my training retreats"? To the first element of your question addressing the word FREE my answer is an emphatic “NO" don't do anything for free. To the second element affordable “Yes” but, it must generate revenue in the form of money in your pocket directly following the event ends that day.
Having done lunch and learns to generate interest in my products and services both on a paid and free, the events that yielded the most were the paid events. ($45.00 person the most costly lunch from 11:15am to 1:00pm on a Wednesday event entitled “Closing Business in the 4th Quarter TIPS”).
It is important to have a great foundation to support you in your efforts. For this I choose three, The Greater Houston Partnership one of the largest Chambers of Commerce in the US, Houston Business Journal and LinkedIn. These three opened a different door on a different level to find new treasures, resources and opportunities.
People don’t sustain people they cannot identify. The Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) became that sponsor after five years of cultivation and active volunteer work. The contacts were plentiful and there for the asking. From all walks of life and any vertical market you could name from Aerospace to the city Zoo. All markets participated and focused on the same mission; to bring on new bodies to the GHP. Each person is seeking new information, deeper clarification, redefined recognition and ways to build their work life and family existence empire on a quest of a greater dollar. The GHP is a cure for all.
Please call if you desire information on the remaining two avenues.
Thank you from Frank Mims V of the Mims Morning Meeting, LLC.

"Negotiation Begins with your Elevator Pitch" is the title of a training/development class written by Mims Morning Meeting. This class explains how to develop an elevator pitch that accomplishes it's missions.
Your Elevator Speech is looking for one thing and one thing only. It is looking for the YES. It is not what you SAY–It is what they HEAR in an elevator pitch that matters. What Do You Do? Is the first question on the minds of all that seek? The response and the tone you provide will dictate the direction, scope of connection and level of encroachment you will have with these new union. The four S'es of a great elevator pitch are Story, Solution, Skills and Service. The story is the creditable, the solution is the clarification, the skill is the casting and the service is the character. Words that make a powerful elevator pitch are the key to building that best elevator pitch.
Call us to appreciate how "Negotiation Begins with your Elevator Pitch" will help you achieve those goals and set new ones. Thank You from Mims Morning Meeting, LLC by Frank Mims V.

Having developed new business opportunities throughout the U.S.of A, Canada, Mexico and Africa this process has proven to be effective and rewarding on many fronts. Today Mims Morning Meeting LLC trains, retrains, refreshes and introduces new sales methods and techniques to both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales professionals. This six step process will open new gateways and develop an active funnel pipeline that rewards for years to come.
No one touch solution or contact will net you the result you are seeking. Your efforts must touch the 20,000 suspects no less than 3 to 5 times to ensure maximum results and a blinded penetration. The real trick is taking those 20,000 targeted leads and growing them into a pipeline of future opportunities that work for you year after year.... From conception in March 2005 the Mims Morning Meeting has show professionals just that.
We are ready to receive your calls and explain in detail how we have supported others in this same undertaking.

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