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I would also recommend Asana. While it doesn't have gannt chart functionality, it is incredibly simple but very powerful. When I moved our company to Asana a few years ago, one of the challenges we found was getting staff trained on up on the software. We found it's important to choose a platform that's easy to learn.

I actually really like this idea. As someone who doesn't care much about fashion, I'd be interested in learning "the basics" to make sure I look half decent i.e. do this, don't do this, have you thought about this... How to dress well on a budget...

There are so many ways to build an email list... Having spent the last 1.5 years working on my own blog (my list is now around 9,000), I've learned to always be experimenting with new list building tactics to see what works. Have a play with social media, find which channels your desired audience is on and go appeal to them. Make sure you're sharing quality content on a regular basis (not just for getting new subs, but so your subscribers have a reason to hand around after signing up). Finally, have a think about how you can rank for keywords in your topic to get a consistent source of free leads. This has worked really well for me 😀

I find it's always best to start with a very clear set of goals in mind. What would a successful product launch mean for you? Then reverse engineer from here...

How much revenue would you like to make?
Based on that, how many units do you need to sell?
Based on that, how many people need to be in your sales funnel or how many people need to open your emails?
Based on that, how many people do you need to opt-in or register for news?

Working backwards like this has always really helped me and is what lead me to focus so much on growing my email list and using MailChimp to deliver content (because I know this is where the sales come from).

Pipedrive has a free ebook about how to increase the conversion rate of your sales funnel. It's not explicitly about sales scripts as such, but there are some really interesting insights in there:

You should also check out 'How to Write Copy That Converts' by Ray Ewards for great sales copy formulas.

First of all, I would think about what your email marketing goals are. Are you trying to generate sales, connect with your audience, get feedback, or all of the above?

One of the best practices I swear by is keeping in regular contact with your subscribers by emailing them useful content once every week/fortnight. So in your case, could you talk about security concerns related to the finance or insurance industry? The Apple vs. FBI debate is an interesting and current discussion you could weigh in on.

As you deliver your content, you could then plug your fingerprinting service and talk about the benefits of this for your clients.

Hope this helps!

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