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I can help you get some angel investors. I have a big network of investors from all types of industries. Give me a call to discuss further.

I developed many analytics systems with capability of processing large datasets and can help you achieve the same. Give me a call or message and we can discuss it further.

You can use affiliate marketing for this. has lots of spirituality related products that will be great for advertising on this kind of niche. Generate link for those products from ClickBank, add banners or in-text links for these product and bring a lot of traffic. You can earn about 75% of the sale of these products from your affiliate links. Second option is They pay very less but their presentation of ads is very great as compared to Google Adwords.

If you want a comolete tutorial on how to earn passive income from your site then call me. Free call link:

When its about money, you need to take under consideration only those metrics that are responsible for revenue. These are called KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Following are some of the KPIs that you can consider:
1. New User Referral rate: How many new users does each of your acquired users refer?

2. ARPU (average revenue per user, which can take into account revenue attributed to ads, in app purchases, paid downloads, subscriptions and any other applicable source)

3. LTV (lifetime value of a user/customer, which takes ARPU one step further into considering things like churn rate, referrals and repeat purchases)

4. DAU/MAU (the average number of daily or monthly active app users)

5. CAC (customer acquisition cost - how much you pay to acquire each new customer/user)

6. Churn rate (a measure of how many users stop using your app after a period of time - there are many ways to calculate churn rate, depending on how complex or accurate you want to get)

7. NPS (net promoter score - a ratio of your user advocates:neutral users:detractors. NPS is a difficult KPI to measure that requires actually talking to users rather than just measuring app usage. GrowthBug published a great article on measuring NPS from app users:

8. Free-to-paid conversion rate (users who pay for a service / all users)

Give me a call to discuss further.

First of all promote on search engines and social media.

Start a blog and write at least 2 articles a week about the problems, how your product is solving them etc.

Use tools such as to automatically post content from your blog to all the social media profiles of your business. I will suggest you to look at the list of social media site available at and create your account on all that are relevant to your needs. is the most famous social media platform that will help bring much attention to your business.

Gain more followers in that area by using apps such as

You can also promote your business for free on local sites such as mentioned here:

Also, you can go for Reddit ads, Facebook ads or Twitter ads targeting only builders of Ghana.

For a detailed explanation about these platforms, give me a call.

I will suggest a mixture of following:

1. (Mobile app)
2. (Completely Free and THE BEST ONE)
3. (Not much options but helps me post on Google Plus pages that other two does not do very well)

I gained almost 1000 followers in 2 days using these three.

If you want to know more about social media tools that are free, give me a call.

Yeah you can start with a little team and then expand to bigger one. Double the tech support people every time your customer base gets doubled and increment sales people as needed. The reason why I am saying doubling the tech support people is because the technical support is one of the top reasons a hosting company is selected by the customer. No matter what kind of services you provide, if your tech support is weak then people will switch to another immediately.

I can't tell you much here as these strategies are part of my own business model. But if you could give me a call then we can discuss it further.

Instagram is great for attracting targeted customers. But the biggest problem is you can't add links in the post. The links are added as text and are not clickable. I think following is the only best way to covert your followers to customers:

1. Keep posting quality content. Always post unique, catchy and "can't resist to share" content. Content must force its viewer to share. And by force I mean it must be AMAZINNNGGG.... It's not like you just wrote "share this or you will go to hell" :D

2. Use hashtags. Research about them. Use most used hastags like "followme" "instacool" etc. But use that are more relevant to what you are selling. When you type "#" inside description of your post, Instagram will suggest you top hashtags. Select the one that is relevant to your business.

3. Give your followers free content like Preview PDF book (or something else that introduce your offer) in the website link on your profile page.

4. With each post add a line like "Click the link in the bio to get the free book" or "To know more click the link in the bio" or something else.

5. When user clicks the link you must take him to a page where he/she enters his/her email and then taken to a FREE content or download.

6. You collected their emails. Now its time to send newsletters about your paid content. Send them in 3 days gap or weekly. Don't send too much mails otherwise they will report your email as spam.

This is how I made a good business from Instagram. I hope it helps you too. :)

Goal is not just about doing things in better way than before. First of all you must answer a question. Close your eyes and imagine that you are a 100 year old person lying in hospital bed and going to die in a 60 seconds. Now at that time what makes your mind think that "I can die in peace now"? I mean what you achieved that gave you that much peace? Is it being the richest person in the world? Is it that you established the largest company in the world? Or you just invented a time machine? Or you just removed all the poverty from the world? May be you are a president of your country now. So we become what we imagine most of the time in our life.

Secondly, you need to decide what are you expert in doing? In which field you can make change? When you know answer to all these questions then you will know your goal.

It doesn't matter what you do in your daily life. But if it is done to achieve that goal then it counts. Even if its just doing nothing just thinking for hours about strategies to achieve that goal in a quiet place. Meditation really helped me in stabilizing my mind about my goals. You should try it too. And remember, never lose hope. "Hopelessness" is the only greatest enemy of success.

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