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Paul’s diverse client base ranging from independent professionals, to corporate, to entertainment professionals, Paul helps his clients with steps to help define their image and “Humanize” their brand to improve ROI and boost their influence online and increase their profits.

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Whenever I think of skills, the first one I think of is people skills. I think that is the most important type of skill-set to have. Knowing how to treat and talk to people is beyond important in the workplace. When you know how to talk and treat people, it really doesn't matter what kind of product you are selling. When you make it about the person and not the product, walls fall down. Learning how to read people and get a feel for their personality has really helped too. It's a shame more management teams don't take the time to learn and teach this to their staff.

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I think a big part is how you present the system. Besides the benefits of saving money and being more productive, I would really try to hit their deeper feelings. As someone who used to own a coffee shop, I would have loved if someone came in and educated me on the stuff I didn't know. How their system could reduce stress and make things more organized so I could spend less time doing the stuff I hated and spend more time with my family. Know what I mean? It really comes down to getting into your prospects shoes and finding out what they are really wanting. If you can make them feel like you understand them, they will be interested in what you have to say.

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