James Smiley - Yahoo Top Under-40 Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley IPO, Consulted 3 of the Fortune10, Helped over 100 entrepreneurs make their first 6-figures, $210 Million in sales... most in-demand Social Media Expert online todayCall If Massive Leads/Sales Increase Is Needed Now

Need To Grow Sales, Get More Leads, And Increase Revenue?

Tired of talking “theory” and “branding” without anyone wanting to take responsibility for real RESULTS (aka sales)?

Then you’ve come to the right person.

Hi, I’m James Smiley and for the past 17 years I’ve served some of the top Silicon Valley startups (including a 2010 IPO) and recently I’ve been recruited by some of the largest companies in the world (Facebook, Amazon, and AT&T) to help them with one thing…SALES GROWTH!
I’ve been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, and NBC as well as local media outlets such as MarketWatch, Silicon Valley Business Journal, The Miami Herald, and Wall Street Select.

So who cares about that…those things come with results and I’m sure you only care about results if you’re still reading this.

So what results have I gotten that pertain to your business:

- $0 to $20M in revenue twice for two different companies (would this be helpful if we did this in your business too?)

- Sold over $210M in corporate products before the age of 35

- Sold over $5.7M of corporate products through online sales funnels and webinars

- Was #6 at TeleNav (top Silicon Valley SaaS company) which we IPO’d in 2010

- Led the country in sales for AT&T and Nextel in my 20’s
Let’s work together and make your product sell too. Let’s get your product or solution to convert sales at the highest rate ever in your business…(would that be helpful if we did that together?).

>> Would you like me to train your executive and sales team on my secret mind tricks to close high-ticket sales? Would it help your business if you could do that online and in-person? Let me show you the sales psychology secrets I’ve come up with that dominate sales online as well as in person.

>> Do you need more distribution? My rolodex is one of the strongest in the country for technology distribution and includes access to executives at over 2000 wholesalers, 700 resellers, and 10,000+ independent sales agents.

>> Would you like someone to help you and your team sell from stage? My first sales pitch from stage was in 2003 and I sold $14,000 (at 23 years old). Today I’ve been able to sell millions in total from stage so if you need that, let’s get you going there as well.

Don’t spend another day playing around with your product or solution and wondering “if I only had someone to market it or sell it we’d be good”. You don’t have to do that anymore…

Check out my site and let’s connect today.

My consulting schedule is very tight but please reach out to me asap and let’s book some time together.

My best,


PS: Obviously my rolodex can only be leveraged by a small group of business partnerships each year, so I always operate on a first come, first serve basis.

Recent Answers

I have about a dozen digital marketing agency clients if that's what you mean.

Leads are easy, keep clients happy is what my clients struggle with but getting them clients is the easier part.

Best thing we've done is host webinars or local events and rock them with great content and offer up a great deal at the end.

Another thing is I have a deep rolodex in this industry so I can help you get setup with partners who would allow you to speak to their audience and their audience is mostly all your clients.

Ping me if you'd like any help getting started quickly...

I'd figure out the SM lead thing first. I helped a company who sells $50k to $200k video packages and we were able to crack the code there. This is going to be your cheapest bet by far.

My second tactic would be to get a list of your dream clients and start working every angle to get in w/ their decision makers. Send them small packages in the mail that are cheap but meaningful (base it off what they like on SM).

I've done this with large 20-60 person sales teams for Fortune 10's when we managed 2800 wholesale accounts and we hit over 200% of our revenue goals b/c we thought outside the box on how to get passed the FOG (front office guy/gal).

Other things I've done with success in this video b2b game was host events, get our clients there, and overwhelm them with great content and then pitch them a kick butt offer at the end.

Ping me if you want...

I have helped coach dozens of people in your shoes. Build a community of people on social media who want your service, post helpful content to them, do FB Lives so they get to know you, and run local meetup.com boosted seminars at your local library (free rooms) so you can teach your stuff and you'll get hot leads from there.

Message me if you want more details and good luck.

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