Pierluigi Avvanzo Entrepreneur in BlockChain, Bitcoin trading

Master in Business Administration and early adopter of Blockchain technology and its applications, former tech entrepreneur in IoT device production. Stakeholder in BioTech companies involved in genetic drugs

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"Involving" this is keyword, you could crowdfund dog crap would you find the correct way to deliver the msg. So ask for professionals in communicative arts ( no Marketers) you usually have 1 to 2 minutes maximum to deliver an emotional message. So be involving

Any of the above answers are worth to be taken for granted. The only things to consider in case you have no premoney evaluation are convertible notes to be considered.

The HKG company has the same commercial law set of UK, that said, between the two it would be safer using an NDA fitting the latter.

It depends on your business. Were it a food retail or gross sale color scheme would be fundamental, but without being trivial everything involving esthetics as an important feature to buy for, should have a professional analysis of color palettes and schemes: it is the most important rule in marketing and in designing.
Said that any other consideration is useless if you don't get to the point of what your business is.

Transactional model:
1- you get all the bucks as soon as possible.
2- to do that you should price correctly your service since if you are low you cannot cover your business while if you are high you are not even able to start.
3- if you choose this model you should and/or could survey your potential clients to understand the range of price they can afford which you be better off at.
4- by this model you cannot acquire your clients' loyalty nor diversify a range of services or functions.
5- this fact does not allow you to profile your customers.
Subscriptional model:
1- you can create (and graphically you should) a rainbow of functions and services from standard to premium to be browsed ( 3 is a good number but 4 are better if you agree with giving a minimum free service)
2- you will be able to profile your costumer base from private to corporate, from age to social and etnographic features.
3- from above, you will be also able to figure out what is the most wanted and how to personalize the final product.
4- if needed you could also pivot finding a by-product without losing the primary service and business.

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