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Using Symbolic Modelling you will quickly unravel any knots in your thinking about your career and discover with clarity where you are, where you are going and how to get there.

Are you concerned that you are on the wrong career path?
Are difficult people making your life a challenge?
Are you seeking out your next strategic move?

Symbolic Modelling starts by asking you the question "What would you like to have happen?"

From that point on the process seeks to draw your attention to the way your mind can work towards that outcome by working with the metaphors and symbols you use to describe your objectives and your current situation.

Change generated at the symbolic level will eventually manifest in your outer reality.

After leaving Oxford University in 1982, my career has involved Sales, Marketing and Leadership Development roles with Hewlett Packard, Epson, Canon and Symantec.

Completed the Hewlett Packard Leadership Programme, but felt that a new technique was required to help people appreciate the dynamics of their inner thinking world.

Symbolic Modelling is the fast track to acute Self Awareness and improved effectiveness.

Case study coaching sessions can be found in "Clean Approaches for Coaches" by my mentor Marian Way.

We offer one hours sessions only. You are the sole judge of whether subsequent sessions will be of added value. Shifts in your thinking will begin after the first hour.

Recent Answers

Ask yourself one question "What would you like to have happen?" Then ask yourself "If all that did happen it would be like what?" Keep playing with that outcome imagery until you are thinking about it as a metaphor. Once that metaphor emerges it would be a good place for us to set up a coaching relationship as the answer you are seeking is woven into the metaphor - question that and all becomes clear. Peter

Have you considered re-training as a web developer. Lots of demand. You can easily freelance. Much of the learning is free online and in the online world it doesn't matter how old you are so long as you can write elegant code.

In the final analysis you will need to prove that they can get a strong GMROII or Gross Margin Return on Investment Inventory. In simple turns the product should generate a level of margin and a rate of stock turn (earn x turn ratio) which means that for every $1 invested in your product the distributor gets the best rate of return. These days computerised stock management systems do this and they also handle the re-ordering. Sell the financials along with the Fs and Bs and meet the FD every time.

Spent 7 years in Sales earning great money. Slowed down to raise a family and moved into Marketing. Realised the mental stimulation for me was greatest in Product and Category Management. The sales background and foundation was invaluable. It helps if you can see the big picture. This course might help

No other option than to simply ask the question "What skills do your employers look for?" of people in careers you think you might like. Social Media is a good way to do this. Another is to read and read in between the lines of job adverts. Most jobs are not enjoyable most days btw. They are occasionally very rewarding but even heart surgeons will tell you that after a while it can all get a bit samey. Try this link

This is not easy but the principle is to ask them questions about why the five years of experience made its way into the job search criteria.

Either there is a very good reason for this which will almost certainly be based on a fear which they think they can mitigate by putting the stipulation in place. Your job is to then ask questions about that fear and try to "close" on you as a total package being able to settle all those fears.

Alternatively they might just be asking about the 5 years because they thought tit was a good idea some time ago but it's lost its relevance today in which case you can steer around the objection.

You might find more help here -

Good luck.

Keep poking around the fears they have which are behind the job specification and prove that you can take them away. Ask them to question their own assumptions, perhaps using examples in their total experience, where the rookie outperformed the old hand.....use your own examples as a motivating metaphor.

In the final analysis, if they have good reasons then they protected you from failing in a job that was not right for you.

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