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I own many niche based businesses online, the first thing I do is dive into paid advertising. Its the fastest way to start generating revenue. Organic leads takes time and alot of work.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

I've helped build many affiliate networks, the best and easiest solution to building any network is using the following website. https://www.getambassador.com/

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

As someone who offers membership based services I've had great success with two models. The 35% off model does really well, they receive a discount and you still get paid. But by far the best results came from a model where I offered a complete month totally free. The key to the last model is communication, encouraging them to stay on through email marketing and follow up phone calls to see how their doing.

While most of the experts that replied all have valid points, the main issue I see is that pushing any app down the monetize by paid ads method is in high risk right now because the next version of IOS will block ads, Apple is on the war path to kill ads on their devices. Why is that a problem? what % does apple represent in your niche? greater than 50%.

Subscription is the best path in my opinion, and yes the industry is shifting towards that model, not because thats what the users want, but it makes more sense for a business to offer subscription based services.

I could provide a more tailored answer if I knew more about your app.

I've actually done this, signup to monetize your youtube videos, signup for Google Adsense, become a member of the Amazon Affiliate program and find products to push. Find affiliate programs for gyms (yes they exist). I went as far as to create a weekly podcast to talk about my struggles, answer questions from my user base (first month I faked the questions but the end result was achieved) Its a great way to build engagement and thats where most of your efforts needs to go towards. The more personal, or connected they feel to you the higher the reward.

Those are just as few things I started out with, I'd be happy to go over how I created my vlog and sold it with you anytime.

One of the fastest ways to build your reader ship is to build a simple landing page with the key "WHY YOU SHOULD READ MY BLOG" front and present. (a video works great, even if its slides with a voice over) Using capturing tools like, email, "like my (add social profile)" then I would create a Facebook campaign targeted your audience, I would do the same on LinkedIn.

That is a simple real world example that I use for clients that are on a low budget. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

There is so much that goes into answering this question. I'll keep it short for the sake of time.

When a website draws allot of traffic and becomes popular without spending any money in advertising is called Organic. To achieve organic traffic has to do with Marketing (non-paid) and SEO.

When we start a project with our clients that are seeking organic results we always start with improving their marketing efforts. Posting on social media profiles, being active members of forums, and groups. We push our marketing content on every platform that we believe will yield the desired results.

With SEO, its not just about content, sure that is a huge factor, but so is the design the website in question, what code is it written in. Are we using the best keywords, are we using the H meta tags correctly, does every image named to represent our targeted keywords? The next step would be to build a link campaign, find other websites that are equal or greater page rank that will exchange links with you.

I hope this helps.

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