Vernon T. Foster IIPodcast Consultant at Pod Parrot

I help startups to mid-size companies identify podcasting opportunities in their respective industries. These opportunities include: brand awareness, thought leadership, strategic relationship building and advertising.

Recent Answers

1. Connect and engage with listeners by making them a part of your show.
2. Have a strong CTA (call to action) at the end of every episode.
3. Make sure social media is part of your marketing strategy and only master one at a time (the one where your audience hangs out).
4. Outsource and delegate as much of the post production process as possible so you can focus on making killer content.

If you haven't already, reach out now and let them know about your show. Tell them a little bit about the content and how often you plan to release episodes. I'd even try pitching them on a deal and say you're offering a special reduced rate for sponsors who come onboard early. Either way you don't really have anything to lose. Worst case, they'll tell know what kind of numbers they'd like to see for a sponsorship commitment.

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