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Without truly understanding the context, it feels like the best option you have is the phone. Will allow you to be more personal and address any concerns in the moment. That being said, logic would say this should be an in-person if at all possible.

Get external help from a coach, work it out. If you can't sort things, walk or get a lawyer involved.

I’ve been working with Acquisio for 3+ years and have been really impressed. Their BBM tech has had a significant impact on the performance of our campaigns, we generally see a 40% bump in performance when we take on a pre-existing account and layer on BBM.

I did look at the others but the cost/benefit ratio on Acquisio was strong for our scale (1M-2M annual).

This would be virtually impossible to identify with a high-level of precision. So many variables in play here and obtaining a CPA benchmark with this level of specificity is no feasible.

The best reco I can give is to simply evaluate what the traffic cost would look like to acquire relevant traffic to your domain and then apply assumptions around contact submissions and the conversions. I’d suggest these would be extremely low based on the high-level of qualification, possibly in the 0.05% range as a percentage of the traffic generated.

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