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There are many factors which leads to failure in order to get positive ROI.

1) Marketing campaigns showcase products and provide exposure to more users to gain popularity or attain visibility.
---- Its required that product/services for which agency run campaigns are having basic characteristics which the attracts the right audience.
**** Sometimes due to lack of product knowledge or getting the campaign run for right audience fails leading to negative ROI.

2) Being a Project Manager I think Project and Business objective may not be communicated well to Internet advertising agencies that leads to false assumptions and ultimately bad execution of marketing campaigns.

3) Competitor's Campaigns may over-rule your campaigns and diverting the user-base interest to your competitors.

Go for Wordpress initially.
-- Custom website will delay your launch plans considering all factors.
-- Wordpress can be used to meet your requirements from day 1.
-- Once you have enough visitors and decided the revenue model + business objective plan for a customized website to be developed from scratch.

Hi there!

To get more business in IT industry please review if below points answers your questions:

1) Are you selling IT services or product ?
--> If services, then try to penetrate the market by sharing your services to possibly every available living person. (I mean it.)
--> If product, then find out and filter your targets. Your efforts will be more utilized when pitching this to a potential client.

2) We are stupid human-beings and that is why we require a very good support period, extraordinary support and very less turn-around time with extra layer of professionalism.
--> Do that! For you its business, for them its their money.
#Hostgator Team: Listen and tighten up!

3) Keep the price marginal for "Product based IT business" and affordable for "Services based IT business"

Thank you.
-- Bakul

Depending upon your business type and budget there are many ERP solutions available to cater your need.

Let know if your business is small mid-sized to provide you appropriate Erp examples.

Your functional requirements may be covered in free Erp solution also.

Thank you.

I am a Project Manager by profession.

In order to strengthen your conversion rate I recommend to review promote in every possible available social media.

Offline marketing will also be effective.
Improve your SEO for your website to draw traffic and eventually conversion rate.

Improve the marketing content of your product.

Answer below questions and have a good content added.
Why do you think Hot Girls Pearls is best?
Why should I buy it?
Is it worth my money?
Will it increase my status?
Is it trending?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc use all of them.

Thank you.

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