Barry SherExperienced Entrepreneur and Marketer

I am passionate about building scalable, high growth and profitable businesses that are built to last.

I have over 30 years experience in bootstrapping and building startups into seasoned businesses.

My experience can help you with the initial startup of your business, implementing a sales and marketing strategy, financial planning, budgeting and coaching through the challenges and growth stages of your business.

• Co-founded, bootstrapped and led two (2) software companies focused on the telecommunications market servicing mobile, satellite and VoIP carriers worldwide.

• Built one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., #179 on the Inc. 500 list.

• Led company through due diligence resulting in a multi-million-dollar acquisition.

• Brought multiple technology (SaaS and premise based revenue models) products to market in domestic and international markets through creative and effective marketing initiatives such as; online ad campaigns, blogs, social media, compelling and original content creation, PR engagements, speaker roles, editorial boards, trade shows and press releases.

• Managed businesses from initial funding to profitability and consistent returns to shareholders.

• Negotiated agreements with leading technology vendors to resell our solutions worldwide resulting in large scale, international (e.g. Africa, Middle East, South America, Asia & Europe) tier 1 carrier projects and millions in revenue.

Recent Answers

As you navigate the complexities of building a business, it's common to become engrossed in day-to-day operations, leaving little time for a detached and unbiased assessment of areas that may require improvement.

These areas could range from financial management and sales strategies to marketing initiatives, customer relationships, and industry partnerships.

Engaging external resources with a track record of success in the business realm can provide a valuable, impartial perspective on your enterprise.

The following outlines the ways in which a business consultant can bring significant value to your business:

Emotional Objectivity:
Business consultants lack emotional attachments to your business, enabling them to make more rational and objective decisions.

Comprehensive Business Review:
The right business consultant possesses the expertise to thoroughly review all aspects of your business and assist in crafting an operational plan for improvement and enhancement.

Identification of Underperformance:
Consultants play a crucial role in pinpointing areas of underperformance, be it related to technology, staff capabilities, financial metrics, brand identity, or obstacles hindering sales growth.

Experience-Driven Guidance:
Leveraging years of experience, a seasoned business consultant can guide you by helping you sidestep common mistakes they've either made themselves or witnessed in other businesses.

Mentorship and Guidance:
Having a credible and experienced consultant serves as a valuable mentor. It provides you with a sounding board for ideas and challenges, helping you maintain focus and stay on task.

Strategic Introductions:
A consultant can facilitate introductions that drive your business forward, connecting you with expertise in areas where they may lack direct experience.

Having the right consultant on board brings numerous advantages, fostering greater profitability, reducing stress, and enhancing overall enjoyment as you work towards achieving your business goals.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance to you.

Selecting a consultant with a thorough understanding of your industry, business operations, and specialized areas of expertise is pivotal for achieving optimal outcomes.

A recent consulting assignment I had with a veterinary hospital in Southern California serves as an illustrative case, wherein our focus encompassed brand development, system and technology enhancements, online visibility, and industry partner relations.

The implemented strategies and outcomes of our engagement were as follows:

1. Visual Identity Enhancement
- We revamped the hospital's logo, website, and customer-facing materials to establish a cohesive visual identity that accurately conveyed the essence of the business.

2. Specialized Positioning
- Emphasizing our unique expertise, we strategically positioned the hospital within a specific niche to distinguish it in the market.

3. Digital Transformation
- Transitioning from a paper-based facility to a streamlined, paperless operation, we researched and implemented a cloud-based platform. This comprehensive solution included electronic forms, signatures, and a customer portal offering detailed insights into all interactions and results concerning pets during their hospital stay.

4. Strategic Partnerships
- To expand market reach, we collaborated with synergistic industry partners, fostering mutual business growth and cross-promoting each other's value propositions.

5. Online Brand Promotion
- Prioritizing online brand visibility, we optimized SEO, established a blog, revised META descriptions, and forged partnerships for reciprocal linking.

The cumulative results achieved during the engagement period included substantial revenue growth through the acquisition of new customers and the enhancement of service offerings.

Operational efficiency and profit margins were augmented through technological improvements. Notably, the hospital was subsequently acquired by a prominent nationwide pet care company.

These strategies are universally applicable across diverse industries.

Feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries or if you require assistance for your business. I am here to serve you and contribute to the success of your enterprise.

Hi, first let's look at how to attract new customers to your business:

1. Reach out to synergistic businesses where working together would create added value to the customer and drive revenue for both parties. Building out a good base of partners that can drive leads to your business takes work and time as you need to cultivate the relationship, deliver a good product and/or service and help win business for both parties.
2. Contact editors at various industry news and information outlets. Explain and show them what your business offers and ask them to include you in editorial coverage or to submit content that their readership would be interested in. This will help you gain credibility in the market and generate leads.
3. Attend industry trade events to meet perspective partners, customers and the media.

In regard to the second part of your question, streamlining workflow is critical to your business being able to scale, provide an efficient method for your customers to buy your offering and also to generate good data analytics so you can make informed decisions.

I would start by utilizing a cloud based services platform that ties in sales/marketing and support. Couple this with an integrated accounting platform and you will have all the tools available to provide your customers with a great experience doing business with you. There are many systems out there that you can subscribe to monthly such as from: Microsoft/Oracle/Salesforce, etc..

I hope you find this information useful. Please feel free to reach out and schedule some time with me to discuss further.

A lot goes into building a loyal and strong customer relationship that results in positive word of mouth and repeat business.

The following are some of the things we did in my own business to achieve this, I hope they are of value to you.

• Provide a product and service that is built from the ground up with the customer in mind.

• Make the buying process seamless and efficient and couple that with an unmatched level of support.

• Make it easy for your customers to communicate with you and through social media to voice their opinions, get assistance and spread the word about your offerings.

• Have an incentive based referral program that helps build your sales funnel through customer word of mouth.

There is much more to discuss on this topic. Please feel free to schedule a call if interested.

Building long term sustainability of a business comes from continually adapting and optimizing your business in the following areas:

• A product and/or service that is of high quality and in an area of demand.

• A business revenue model that fits the current market i.e. moving from a one time licensing pricing model to a subscription based service.

• Building repeat revenue streams that can be accurately forecasted in order to incrementally invest and grow your business in current and future markets.

• Take a measured approach to growth and don’t over commit your resources to untested/proven areas.

• Continually improve on your product and services by listening to the customer and doing intelligence gathering on the market and competitors.

• Communicate consistently to your customers, prospects and the market through your digital marketing, website, trade events, social media and partners.

• Use business development practices to build synergistic relationships with other businesses to help drive mutual business and market awareness.

I hope that this information helps you achieve your business goals.

Please feel free to reach out to schedule a call should you wish to discuss further.

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