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I am a Strategic Marketing Consultant with more than 22 years of experience.

When managing projects for government funded entities, many times their programs and programmatic spending is planned well in advance of launch. You can avoid the delays you've been experiencing by getting into relationship with the constituencies within the military who are responsible for planning. Once you have an idea of what things are in the pipeline you will be able to preplan events, press and relevant PR. I would strongly suggest building a working relationship with the media relations department that is warmer than that of a "service provider" so that your group is viewed as a vital partner and automatically included.

Ultimately, your focus is to align your planning/launch schedule with their budget and timing, in advance.

If you'd like to talk more about this and strategies to strengthen those relationships, give me a call.

I am the consulting CMO at at Cryptocurrency company.

White Labeling is one of the fastest ways to "go to market" with sound technology in place and eliminate reinventing the wheel. In the crypto space in particular, where everything is new and technology is evolving daily, it also reduces the risk of error in the development process.

White Labeling also comes with support via the service team of the company you contract with. This reduces the burden of managing glitches in house.

There are many advantages to White Labeling. If you'd like to talk more about this, give me a call.

Hi! This is a great question. With the onset of "Meme Token" culture, the already unpredictable cryptosphere has become even more volatile and risky.

There are some bare minimums that you should look for:

1. Is the company a legal entity? (LLC, S-Corp, etc.)
2. Is the dev team doxxed?
3. Is the team skilled/experienced?
4. Is the company vision sound?
5. Is there a white paper that explains the vision and roadmap?
6. Is there accountability to the roadmap and a way to easily track company accomplishments?
7. Has the company hit any milestones on the roadmap?
8. Is there any functioning product or service already on the market?
9. What is the use case for the company's product or service? Is it filling a true need in the market?
10. Is liquidity locked? This is vital to evaluate risk of your investment.
11. Is the contract renounced? If not, what is the reason and is it sound?
12. Look for projects with lower market cap; this means that there is lots of room to grow.
13. What is the circulating supply? If it is very large, it may be difficult to build wealth investing in the token/coin?
14. Do you believe in the project? If not, you will not be able to weather volatility of the market. Find projects that you love.

I'm the consulting CMO of a Cryptocurrency company. Give me a call if you'd like to gain more insight into the crypto industry.


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