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USA 5x Founder. Mechanical Engineer. Founder of Wright One – 25% more energy efficient CPU fan cooling solution. Specialized in hardware commercialization and being a super connector. Passionate about giving back.

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The best person I have found to really understand Facebook Ads from a numbers standpoint (and success rate) is Gabriel St. Germain.


His channel focuses on e-commerce strategies, but gives you the nuts and bolts of understanding the backend to Facebook ads to really understand if you are targeting your customer successfully and gathering the proper metrics for your campaigns.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

I can get you connected with a pool of potential applicants. Contact me and let's start some conversations. I would start by getting you connected to a pool of applicants from Babson College and then move to a recruiter based here in the Boston Area.

This is such a relevant question in today's COVID climate day. I work with a number of hardware companies (one of them based in NYC just closed a $2.5 million round with a venture capital firm that's in London).

The long and short of this is, if your business is 'that good'. Then then investor will do anything in their power to make sure they get in on the deal.

So, I think you should reframe the question a bit, you may want to ask, "We are looking for 'this' type of investor, does anyone have anybody who might be interesting to speak with directly about this?

And that, is something I can help you with. Let's schedule a chat and I can walk you through the tools I use to help companies just like yours raise capital all around the world.

If you have someone in mind, I can help you network your way to make the introduction a warm lead.

It all starts with figuring out who you want to target, just like you would an investor, a customer, or a top engineer.

Let me know if you want to schedule a chat and I can show you what tools I use specifically to not only get invited by investors to pitch, but to actually have investors come to me to hear me speak about my hardware company.

I have direct experience working with the automotive sector. Having worked for a tier 1 manufacturing supplier I can give you unique insight into this sector. Let me know what questions you have specifically and let's set up a phone call.

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