Dave EddyDigital Agency Director, Camplify Co-founder

Managing Director at Redback Solutions. Founded in 1999, Redback is one of Australia’s longest-running digital agencies. We specialise in website design and development, digital marketing and content. From small-medium companies, to large institutions, universities, government, NGOs and Ecommerce brands, our tight-knit team of 25 have experience producing results for a broad range of clients. Check out https://www.rb.com.au

Co-founder of Camplify. Since 2015, we've been on a mission to become the world's largest and most trusted caravan & motorhome sharing community, making 'van life' accessible to all. Market leader in Australia, the UK, NZ & Spain, listed on the ASX June 2021. Check out https://www.camplify.com

Brought up in tiny Australian mining towns, I've lived in Newcastle NSW since 2008 and absolutely love the place. I'm into dad jokes, new experiences, travel, my beautiful wife/puppy/friends/family, business, growing, creating, enjoying.

Have been known to strut around in pepperoni #BudgySmugglers and do Bollywood dancing in public :-P

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My short answer is fiction, in most cases. I think it totally depends on your unique situations, but I certainly wouldn't say there is NO way to make money for 6-12 months. I think if you're in a progression phase from a comfy, steady, easy corporate job to your own venture, you need to be strategic and play scenarios out in your head before taking the plunge. There'll be plenty of days where you just think to yourself "You're quitting tomorrow and we can figure out the income thing the day after" - Which is a natural thought process for an entrepreneur. Of course, taking action is a great but I personally believe in taking calculated massive action. For example, if part of your progression plan is to leverge existing business relationships - make sure you've planted some solid seeds with those people before just jumping out of your day job and losing your income. (You'll want to consider legal ramifications here too - It's often not a great idea to try and steal your previous employers' customers). Build systems for your new venture, get up at 4am daily and spend the first 5 hours of each day getting stuff done that will move you towards a smooth progression financially. And yes, I agree with the other respondents that it's definitely a great idea to have some savings set aside if possible, or at least some solid committed customers for your new venture.

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