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Writing a business plan is both easy and fun. For a very basic business plan, open a word document and create six sections corresponding to the numbers below.
1) Determine your value proposition.
2) Describe your company.
3) Analyze the products/services you would offer and their place in the market.
4) Determine who will be in your organization and what they will do.
5) Determine what you need to get started (materials, finances, personnel).
6) Create some base line financial projections based on market research.

The Small Business Association has two great templates at:

Score also has a great template:

Business Model Generation is a great book on the subject:



Analyze the prices of competitors offering similar products or services. Then set you prices near their prices. This will mean your prices are always near the market price.

Alternatively, you could also determine what it costs to produce your good/service and charge a set percentage over top of costs. For example, if you want a 30% profit and it cost you $1 to produce your thing, you would charge $1.30. This method can allow you to seriously undercut your competition.

It largely depends on the cost to manufacture and the number of items you are selling. The more items you are selling every month the more profitable it would be to have production in the US. If you are only selling a few items, it may be worthwhile to keep producing them overseas, but look for a cheaper way to ship them.

If you are looking to start a business, then you need to start by identifying a market gap. A market gap will tell you what people value. Once you see the market gap, then you must provide the good/service identified by the gap and collect payment. That is how you start a business.

If you are looking to make the most out of your life, then you must look inside yourself and determine what things you value. Then you must check your playbook and see who has been the greatest influence (both positive and negative) on your life. With those things identified, you must set goals related to your values. Set a goal for something you can do in 24 hours. Set a goal for something you can do in a few days. Set a goal for something you can do for a few weeks... and so on.

After you have done those things, let me know and I will tell you the next step. I wish you luck and I believe in you!

Clarity probably is not the best platform for finding a producer. My advice is to reach out to some folks in the TV industry via LinkedIn or Twitter.

You need to have a lawyer draw up non-disclosure and/or non-compete documents. Then have your lenders/investors sign them. However, that will alienate some lenders. Risk of someone taking your opportunities is a risk of doing business. It sucks to stick your neck out and risk getting taken advantage of, but sometimes that is the cost of doing business. However, just because a competitor tries to perform the same arbitrage does not mean they will be successful. Finally, the moment you start making money from an arbitrage, the the market will become aware and others will discover it on their own (that is the efficiency of the market).

Simple enough, just call the suppliers you are hoping to partner with and look to talk to someone in their marketing department. Pitch you idea as a way for them to add a new long term client.

If that fails you could take out a personal loan and buy a small number of the items needed. Then use your profits to pay off the loan and buy more items.

If you don't trust the other person you need to move on with your life. Trust is the foundation of a relationship. If you can't trust the other person, then you are wasting your time and their time too. You are probably a wonderful person and deserve a life with trust and happiness.

Access to credit depends on the country and the credit worthiness of the borrower. For a business account, they will want to see strong financials. The trick is to get to know the lenders that serve the country you account is located in. Then apply for loans that suit your needs. Of course there is credit on the "international" scene as well, however, expect a lot more hoops to jump through as well as challenges in getting approved.

Starting an animation company in Egypt is similar to starting a company in any country. According to there are nine steps for Egypt specifically.

1: Trade Name Clearance Certificate (done by client).
2: Obtain a certificate from an authorized bank (done by client) .
3: Submit documents to the Companies Establishment Department, under GAFI (done by client).
4: Notarize company’s contract (done by client).
5: Obtain Chamber of Commerce Certificate (done by GAFI).
6: Issuance the notification of incorporation (done by GAFI).
7: Commercial Registry Certification (done by client).
8: Register for taxes (done by client).
9: Register employees with the National Authority of Social Insurance (done by client) .

Aside from the steps listed above you need to make sure you have a solid business plan with estimates of revenues and a clear explanation of your value proposition.


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