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In Canada, we have the new CASL legislation preventing us from cold emailing without prior OPT-IN so we are forced to either make an outbound call or a very targeted mail out (Not the most economical).

This may sound a bit cliche, but I think it truly depends on who you are selling to. Who is your ideal customer? In Calgary, Alberta we are selling to a lot of traditional Oil and Gas personalities. They dont even know what a landing page is...therefore we build a lot of white papers and collaterals that are sent either via email or physically mailed out.

If you are sending to a technically savvy prospect, then a landing page is excellent (Very Economical with more testing options). You may want to embed videos into your email campaigns as an intro to what you do. Ensure all of your material has a call to action OR there is specific contact strategies (I.E. you send content on day 1, and you send another piece on day 5). Figure out who it is you want to reach and think about how these people will respond to content and which medium will yield the best result...

Happy to chat if you want some advice on how we are scaling specifically through our outbound efforts. We are currently taking advantage of a local event to push content...

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