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The Consilium Group Inc. is a Northern Virginia based firm that provides business consulting and a number of business services to small businesses and start-ups.

Our services include the following:

1. Business Plans

Our business plans are customized specifically to your business and are comprehensive, predictive, and ready for financing. We don't use templates, your entire business plan is customized to your firm.

Our business plans are comprehensive in that they cover all aspects of your business.

They are predictive in that they provide you with expected market conditions and actions to take advantage of opportunities presented in these new conditions.

They are ready for financing in that we and they have proven that it is viable in the attainment of business loans, industry investment, angel investment, and grant acquisition among other types of investment.

In addition, my business plans are completely customized and fitted uniquely to the client. I do not use software or a web template to create these business plans. These plans are in-depth, predictive, timely, and include strong market research, discerning competitor analysis, and full 3 or 5 year financial projections based upon your request.

2. Marketing Plans

Our marketing plans are customized to you business and your market. They are also comprehensive and predictive. They provide you with insights concerning the how to best market your product or services, maximize your marketing investment, reaching the maximum number of potential clients in your target market.

Our marketing plan shows you how to get the best "bang" for your marketing buck.

3. Technology Plans

Our technology plans are comprehensive and predictive. They provide you with insights concerning the best and most appropriate technologies to purchase, so that you will not invest in business technologies today that will not be around in the near future.

This will increase the effectiveness of your technology investment and lets you maximize the value for your technology dollars.

4. Strategies: business strategies, marketing strategies, and technology strategies

Our strategies are quantitatively based and predictive and forward looking in nature.

We utilize complex mathematics to provide you with insights into the most probable actions of your competitors that negatively impact our business and actions to counter their effects.

5 Revenue Forecasts

Our revenue forecasts use probability analysis, probabilistic Risk Analysis, inferential statistics and game theory to determine the most probable revenue forecasts for your firm. We quantify and apply the business environmental impacts upon your revenues and determine the most probable revenues your firm will generate.

6. Business and Managerial Analytics

Our analytics provide you with insight into the hidden aspects of your business and let you monitor key indicators of your business operation that point to the health of your firm.

7. Business Consulting

We provide you with insightful consulting for business, including general business consulting, marketing consulting, financial consulting, operations consulting, technology consulting and consulting in other relevant areas that impact your business.

Our team has over 100 years of business planning, business strategy and entrepreneurial experience. Additionally, the President and CEO has launched three successful small technology firms that range from 1 to 12 years old with gross revenues ranging from $1.5 million to $20.0 million.

One of The Consilium Group Inc.'s core values is to provide the highest quality documentation that is ready for view by any financial institution (whether it be a nationwide bank, community bank, or credit union) or investor (whether it be family or friend, angel investor (AI), or venture capitalist (VC)).

We work closely with each client to make sure that they thoroughly understand each aspect of their business, business model, business plan, marketing plan or technology plan and how to successfully and effectively present each document to internal audiences, as well as eternal financing sources.

The Consilium Group Inc. provides business plans for domestic and internet business.

We endeavor and strive to provide the highest quality documents and services, and we strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

We look forward to the opportunity to providing you and your business with the tools and documents to bring your business ideas from concept to reality and then allow you to maximize your revenue, your number of clients, and your profit, and thus advance your business to the next level.

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I also agree with Pamela and the others that have answered thus far. I also recommend creating strategic partnerships with related healthcare practices such as physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc. This partnership should be a mutual referral partnership with fiduciary benefits to both parties. After both parties agree to term, ensure that you memorialize them through 1) a Strategic Partnership Agreement (specifies the terms and expectations of your strategic partnership) and 2) a Referral Agreement (specifies the terms and expectations of your referral actions). You should also research your services to/referral from hospitals, rehab centers, assisted living centers, and the like if you find it feasible.

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