Jon EbnerFather, Husband, Sales Pro, Boxer, Meditator

Founder of BTWN. Formerly 1st hire in US at Platterz (built team to 20+ and revenues from 0-$1M a month in less than 3 years), GM at Cater2me (took over NY market from founder and built to $12M ARR), Golden Glove Boxer, MNDFL Certified Meditation Teacher

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It sounds like you have incredibly valuable skills. I am starting two businesses and would love to chat with you about how you might be able to help. Let me know!

This is less about developing your voice and more about developing your confidence. When we change the story inside, what we project to the world changes. I would argue that your voice is probably fine and all you need is a shift in mindset.

Hope this helps!

Jon Ebner
Competitive Public Speaker and Trainer

The most straight forward answer is just be yourself. The more authentic you are to YOU, the more people will connect with you in these modern times. If you are writing blogs, see if you can be vulnerable and give the audience something to connect to.

Hope this helps!

Jon Ebner
Sales Pro, Boxer, Meditator, Career Advisor

Simply put, be yourself, be kind and be authentic. “Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.” As transparently as possible, tell all those involved as much as you are willing to reveal and say thank you for your time with them, show gratitude and offer to help in any way moving forward.

Hope this helps!

-Jon Ebner

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