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There are few ways to find B2B clients and grow your business organically. But before you start with the growth, you need to be sure that your online presence is neat and clear. What exactly i mean:
- attractive branding
- clear high performance website with your business/marketplace unique selling proposition (USP), contact form or clear contact details for B2B clients and benefits for them to join your network (might be some special bonus/referral program)
- social media presence with attractive profile

To grow organically you need to
- improve SEO that your website is easy to find via search
- social media marketing - bigger your social following, more B2B clients will come to your door
- use listings and yellow pages to spread-a-word about your business
- build trust for your marketplace. Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews and testimonials on your website and business directories
- networking is a key, be active in professional networks, both online and offline
- participate in local events and community activities to raise awareness about your services, spread brochures/business cards about your business
- cooperate with flower shops/producers/farmers, they usually have a wide network of stylists and florists (it can be mutual advertisement, for example)

Feel free to set a short call with me for more precise steps based on the review of your particular business (website, social media, other marketing communication).

Depends on the goal of the survey and Brand/Product type. If sufficient budget of the company/brand/product, you can address to already experienced survey agencies who are working in the region, like SIS, Kantar, Nielsen, GFK etc. If you want to do work with low budget by yourself, I would recommend to use potential of the Social Media that is still underrated. Ex., in Facebook brand/goal related groups, local communities. You can do some targeting with questionnaire, cooperation with influencers etc. Social Media gives lots of possibilities. Be aware what market you are targeting because not all Social Media channels are strongly presented on different markets.

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