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There are many details that this question is missing however, from what I have gathered and based on the growth of Hela Job (my startup), we have mainly used automation tools to our advantage and generated leads to pitch our service or schedule a demo where we sale our services. I can definitely help, let's create waves together. Request a call now:

Have you used emails and outreached to Employers/Businesses at all? If not, I have the perfect solution for you to create this process (automated too). In matter of fact, I used to use it myself when I was working for other people and it generated all of my job interviews/jobs.

Yes, this idea already exists. Platforms such as and Spetz already offer the same exact thing you are trying to create. Both platforms create ads via social media platforms and drive leads to their landing pages whereby that will be available for freelancers and agencies on the backend to purchase for a credit. That however, doesn't mean you shouldn't launch. We will be able to leverage on their mistakes which I have noticed from directly using their platforms.

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