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Wow, its amazing that for 6 months there is no answer. This is one of our service verticals under 101ecommerce.com called as Go Global.

We will get the strategy and legal part covered for you, its a coincidence that we are in India.

many companies do only what you had raised as a question, the thing is, a patent takes far more time to be granted than you can afford to wait to go to market and start selling.

Here, you might find something interesting on this video http://videosift.com/video/How-I-Beat-A-Patent-Troll-Drew-Curtis-TED-Talk

When you want discuss go to market strategies and selling world over, I will be interested in hearing you out (will all due deligence and Non Disclosures)

You don't seem to have any customer engagement and informative work beyond the 10 articles I see on the site.

If you are getting 10k UV already, you need to only combine content and email marketing to increase the visits, but if you really want to grow to 500K UV or more, you will need to do a lot of activities, repeatedly for about 6-9 months..

Then there are other things you can do.which will result in more downloads or purchases for you. (You should not assume that traffic means business, there are other methods such as Performance driven marketing, which is something you can easily qualify for...)

Anyhow, if you just need traffic and links, here is a brief summary list of things you can do and it will generate traffic, will not be flagged or getting booted by Google for any algo changes...:

Since Content is the KING, we will focus on content driven marketing, here is a rough layout of the activities:

1. Set a Regular Writing Schedule
2. Create a Free Giveaway Worth Wanting (but it should get you subscribers)
3. Create Your Social Media Accounts
4. Join Quora
5. Leverage Rich Snippets & Google Authorship
6. Interlink Your Posts
7. Leverage Your Expertise, do some presentations and publish them on slideshare and such places
8. Get a good Guest Blog done
9. Blog Commenting is important, but only so so... Forum Commenting will help you build up your online reputation
10. Expanding on Social Profiles, Advertising on Facebook, Marketing on LinkedIn, Google+
Pinterest (do checkout tools like hootsuite.com)
11. Create an Infographic, Gifographic at least 1 in a month, this is sure to get you good places and backlinks
12. Look for Interview Opportunities, yup, some PR and Help A Reporter Out (http://www.helpareporter.com/) they need stories & you can provide them, if any... will be fantastic.
13. Don’t Neglect Local SEO
14. Creating Animated & Whiteboard Explainer Videos (cost about 15$ on payperhour type sites)
15. Using Zemanta, a “Content Discovery Network”
16. The Power of Retargeting - yes, check out sites like http://www.adroll.com/ http://www.ebayenterprise.com/marketing_solutions/display_retargeting/ http://www.chango.com/solutions & https://retargeter.com
17. Syndicate your content, case studies through Outbrain.com type sites, that will show your quality posting in probably all top media sites.

Hope this helps.

Ravi VC

themeforest is a good place to lookup. You will find a lot of sales/marketing related templates with a good amount of customization options.

There are no available solutions for this, unless you want to use paid analytic. Again, I doubt they do any real time tracking.

Mobile apps are the trend, people will need accessibility, if you are able to have one done, you can also have the other done simultaneously. It should neither cost more or require advance code/architecture changes.

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