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Different businesses face different problems which require different solutions. My experience helping small and big enterprises across multiple industries allows me to tackle different challenges you may face. Being an entrepreneur myself allow me to see challenges from an entrepreneur point of view that tends to be unique.
My unique value proposition ranges from providing advice at a very high level, strategic level, down to operational and tactical level. I can provide coaching on analysis and problem solving leveraging existing and new-data, with you or your team members. Depending on the requirement, I can provide done-for-you service as well.

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For starter, you can apply the framework that you used to sell a product in your eCommerce business, to selling a brand/website/company to potential buyer/investor. Since you have experience in eCommerce, this must be familiar with you.

For example:
1. Understand the market. Is there a market for your brand? I.e. is there a potential buyer who would be interested in buying your brand? What marketplaces have you looked into to buy and sell these brands/websites/companies?
2. Pricing/valuation. How do you value your business? What valuation methodology do you use? is it a multiply of revenue, profit, or something else? Going backward, what kind of financials do you have to achieve to be able to sell your brand at the valuation you are expecting?
3. Fulfillment/transfer of ownership. How do you manage this? Is your business transfer-ready (i.e. having a system in place that can easily transferable to a new owner?)

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