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Author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, Founder of the Marketing Technology Blog, CEO of DK New Media, CMO of CircuPress and Public Speaker. Douglas has advised clients internationally on their online marketing efforts - including analytics, automation, blogging, content, conversion, email, mobile, search and other strategies. Douglas also advises marketing technology firms, investment and venture firms on marketing platforms.

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We're working on a mobile project for a client right now and, in order to scope the project properly, we created very basic wireframes with no functionality. I think it's imperative that this be accomplished to set and meet expectations on the delivery for the agreed upon price.

We've actually accomplished this with the Marketing Technology Blog through a third-party platform that optimizes the visual content and lays out the posts and pages in an application that's beautiful but never requires updating. We did this with a company called Postano who have several clients on it. We're working on actually partnering with them to deploy it to more people. The platform they built connects to your WordPress site but outputs native applications for both Android and iOS (and others). It's not using PHP OR WordPress - just driving and optimizing the content FROM WordPress to a third-party platform for content optimization.

I know this is sarcastic but I'm curious whether the legal firm every quoted a client $1k of defense. Flat feeing your marketing budget makes absolutely no sense. Your marketing budget should be set as a percentage of the overall revenue generated by the program. Are you expecting $15k in business from this spend? $100k in business from this spend? Sorry - I'd walk away.

Speak to prospects about their problems and their budget, and figure out if you can help them solve the problem for that budget. Pretty simple.

I've worked on several startups that didn't have funding. We worked with large companies and basically gave the platforms away in exchange for their feedback and use of their testimonials. We also utilized content marketing to discuss industry challenges and connect with industry experts. Over time, that network we built and the customer base always paid off.

We're using Hootsuite's shortener and you can apply your own custom domain to it as well. Additionally, Hootsuite has analytics tracking built into their publishing tool which is quite helpful. Hootsuite also offers an API to shorten links outside of their publishing tool.

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