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THIS IS AWESOME! I love what you guys do! I actually co-founded an organization ( that empowers inner city disconnected youth in Harlem NYC through entrepreneurship and education. I have about 10 years of research on youth development and engagement, especially on ho to curb disconnection and strongly feel that entrepreneurship with sound education is that vehicle that could help turn things around. In fact, all our programs are themed around entrepreneurship, so I am very excited and interested in what PEP represents.
Based on our new pilot program The URBN Youth StartUP, which just ended last month, there are several tips I could give. We spent 12 hours a week with the students (4 days per week, covering concepts and fundamentals of entrepreneurship, basic life and soft skills, financial literacy and micro-finance and innovation/tech day) in addition to having 2 mentors per student (one entrepreneur and one professional). These alongside implementing our HEROES Model for effective youth development ( helped us have a successful pilot.
Let me know if you are interested, Id love to talk more.

Building and monetizing a loyal client base takes a lot of diligence and skill.
Besides the referral agencies and other third party reliant methods, three things you must do are
1. You have to skillfully build a trusted brand
2. Build and grow a niche audience for your brand on- and off-line
3. Effectively engage your niche audience
4. Monetize Steps 1-3
Lets converse and I can work you through these steps in detail if interested.

Based on your question ' method for presenting MVP to potential customers?', I'm assuming that you are yet to attract or in the process of attracting your audience. If so, I think you may be jumping the gun here. I'd say
1. Build your audience first.
2.Engage them as you build. Ask them as you build what they want. Because your 'product' is tailored to the client and almost dependent on their engagement, you have to make it more customer-centric.
Some Questions for you to think about if you haven't already:
a. How are you attracting your clients?
b. What are they looking for?
c. What will keep them engaged on your website?
d. Would they feel comfortable referring your services to their network(s)?
e. How do you ensure that they are engaged on your website?
f. What will engage them?
g. Besides a profile, will your customer help generate content that could help expand the reach of your website, i.e. Are they consumers of content or co-providers?
h. What use is another professional profile in addition to others like Linkedin? Why yours? etc

After answering these and more questions, knowing who your clients are and finding out what they 'want', your Minimum Viable Product could then become the most attractive & tangible thing/service you can offer your clients FREE of charge. Use that to grow your audience, then gradually implement revenue generating perks or additional services worth paying for.
Feel free to give me a call to further discuss this.

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