Ahmed Al KiremliEntrepreneur, Business Mentor & 1 Int. Author

AK helps business owners and entrepreneurs to build and scale their business profitability online with less time, effort, and cost so they can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

Based in Dubai, AK has founded, developed and scaled multiple successful online and brick and mortar businesses and franchise concepts in various industries, including computer hardware and software, restaurants, branding and marketing, apps, video gaming, kids entertainment, sport, stationery, E-commerce, online marketing and business coaching.

He is the author of the #1 International Bestselling book The Efficientpreneur and the founder of The Efficientpreneur Club, a 1on1 exclusive and affordable business coaching club that helps business owners and entrepreneurs to build and scale their business profitability online with less time, effort and cost.

He’s also the host of the Efficientpreneur Show, interviewing CEOs, productivity hackers, empowerment experts and best-selling authors. He’s spoken about various business topics at events, including TEDx, and has been featured in international media such as CNBC, Yahoo, Thomson, Reuters, Zawya, Tech view, Al Hurra, Failcon, Arabian Business, Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Evolution Magazine and Sport 360.

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The perfect strategy is to show your client what their benefit and return on investment would be on this specific advertisement. This is what they are looking for from your pitch. It is great if you show them a positive benefit that they will receive from the advertisement. An example would be a return of a certain amount of money that is more then they invested. Sometimes they will have a certain budget that they must spend wisely. You must ask what the client needs for their benefit. It could be an increase towards their image or recognition. After you find out what they need you will be able to sell them the right advertisement.

First you need to select the right investor. You should check if he is specialized in investing in the right categories you need him for. If you want to pitch him for electronics, you need to select someone who is interested in this field. Second, to facilitate the introduction you need to make it simple. Introduce yourself and what you have done. You could send him your about me on your profile, or your bio, or a project you have made before. If you have a detailed business plan you could send that to. But before the business plan, try to make a brief, simple introduction of yourself and then ask if he is interested in investing whatever project that you have. Give him a very brief idea of the project. If he is eager to get more information, he will ask you.

To open an e-commerce unit you need to select your product first, before selecting the country. Then, if you have made up your mind up that India is where you are going to import from, then you will need to figure out where you are importing to. If you are importing to the United States, then you can consult a shipping company for the shipping cost, and a tax adviser or lawyer regarding the tax details/logistics. There are many websites with information. You can Google these things, or you can ask any consultant specialized in that particular area. Also, you need to know how much the cost is. Let's say, from India ports. Again, the logistic companies can handle that. You can also go to elance.com and ask these questions to a lawyer from India, or a lawyer from your country, or a shipping company from there, or from your country. You would pay them per hour. You can find people on elance.com and you would pay them from $10-$15 per hour based on their expertise. They will be able to answer all of your specific questions that you may have.

Use Elance.com, Higher the assistant per hour not per project to avoid future conflicts if you have some extra work more than what's submitted in the project details, also higher a company not individuals so they will have more than one expert to replace the first one in case of emergency.

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