Saif SiddiquiBusiness Strategy Consultant

I help Businesses, from Start-Ups to Global firms, overcome their management and growth related challenges.

Over the years I've successfully delivered M&A programmes, TOM Implementations, Digital Strategy, vendor selections and contract negotiations of significant value, outsourcing, helped build Startups and advise them too, through the Startup Weekend organisation.

I have a strong technology background but have always worked in bridging the gap between business and technology ensuring that the right solutions are delivered. I have worked in the Telco, Transport (Airline & Rail), Insurance & IT sectors predominantly.

What I can help with:

- Ideation to Startup
- Business & Strategy Development
- Organisational Structure
- Operational Planning
- Financial / Sales Forecasting
- Pitch Development
- VC Pitching
- General Coaching / Mentoring

I look forward to working with you and adding value.

Always focussed on Delivering Awesomeness!

Recent Answers

This will depend on a number of things including but not limited to:

* Structure of the company
* Shares previously issued
* Number and type of shares issued for the 15% ownership
* Number and type of shares issued for the remaining 85% ownership
* Priority of dividend payment against each type / class of shares your company has issued. As well as whether they are to be paid before any other outstanding debt the company has
* Obligatory dividend payments
* Contracted agreement for dividend payments to invetors

Given the number of variables, contracted or otherwise, I would strongly recommend you speak with an accountant who understand the applicable legislation to your company depending on where it was incorporated and where it operates.

Please give me a call if you'd like to discuss anything further.

Wishing the best for you


Hello there

There is not going to be a binary answer to your question. The variables of what you want to achieve, your situation (both personal & corporate) and more specifically what the market is dictating will all have a bearing on things.

I have worked on large international M&A engagements previously and also have good contacts internationally in the Airline / Travel sector.

I have quite recently worked with a FinTech organisation preparing them to take on investment for growth or acquisition. Experience I believe which would be of benefit to you in the position you describe. I can assist on the deal brokering side of things.

I'm a firm believer in adding value and look forward to being able to do so when we speak.

All depends on the understanding with which they provided their proposal and what level of 'work' they delivered to you.

If the work is just what they would consider to be part of their sales process then you should be okay but if they went above and beyond with the expectation of winning the final project then there are ethical questions for you to consider.

Having said that, this is how many larger firms operate. They send out RFIs and then based on the information they get back they refine and re-issue a more detailed specification in their RFP.

If you know what you're doing and are clear at the start then there shouldn't be a problem

Hey there

Without knowing the specific industry you're targeting I can only provide general advice.

However, my background is in the technology sector with primarily specific experience in the Telco & Transport sectors. So if I draw on my own experience I would work through the following steps.

1 - Brainstorm the top 3 topics you feel you are confident to speak about and could mould around a specific engagement.
2 - Identify the regular speaking opportunities locally and regionally that you could attend without too much trouble.
3 - Reach out to your network. Let people know you are looking for this kind of opportunity
4 - Be totally willing to speak for free to build up experience as well as a name for yourself.

Everyone would love to walk straight into a paid speaking gig. The reality is that you have to build up a reputation first and only then will people be willing to pay for your services.

Some events, once convinced of your value add, will be willing to pay for your travel costs but not your time. If you can start by getting those you are doing well. Go to the event. Smash it out of the park. Network like crazy. Build a list of other opportunities to pitch for.

Once you have done a few 'free' engagements you can use those as a springboard in your marketing to help draw in paid work. Obviously having a strong social media presence with videos of you speaking at events and details of where you have spoken in the past and are due to in the future greatly help.

Also look at local business support groups where you can build up a following as a 'go to' guy for your sector.

There are a number of approaches you can take and will vary by your background and target audience.

I hope that gives you a little bit of a pointer in how to get started.

Feel free to schedule a call if you would like to discuss further.

Wishing the best for you



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