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You may do value-leading outreach campaigns on LinkedIn and email (no selling) so your target customers, after doing outbound marketing campaigns, would call you:

But this strategy requires lots of patience and if you think you don't have that, don't do this advice:

1. Sign up to LinkedIn sales navigator one month trial
2. Use Google chrome for $15 a month then automate your outreach
3. Connect and reach out directly to your target clients and build real relationships with them (don't sell). When they accept your LI invites, you'll have access to their profiles like professional interests data you can use when connecting and building rapport with them.
4. Offer them help or offer free value (you can be creative on what you're going to offer them for free).
5. Find free CRM like hubspot so you could track history of convo with them
6. Follow them on LinkedIn and greet them on their birthdays, work anniversaries, change of roles, etc.

You may harvest low-hanging fruits along the process but you need, again, to have loong patience to execute this strategy.

The goal is to cement your solution(s) to their minds. If you can do that, you can have them call you when their needs for your service/product arises...

Do inbound and outbound marketing. Most startup companies with limited budget would go for direct emails and such, then investing on ads after getting new clients.

For the outbound marketing side, you may try they will solve all your pre-sales online outbound marketing needs.

Reach out to your target customers directly ;)

Try - we will solve all your pre-sales online outbound marketing needs.

The answer depends on several factors. But if you're looking for outbound marketing solutions, visit They do LinkedIn marketing, email marketing, telemarketing, CRM & Pipeline management, lead nurturing, and even custom marketing support. They will solve all your pre-sales online outbound marketing needs.

Know your biz' strength first, then find your specific market, and build from there.

If your target customers are searching for the same services as yours online, go for inbound marketing and do some ads. But if they aren't, do outbound or reach out to them directly.

Both approaches could give you short and long term results depend on how you will design your marketing campaigns. Since my expertise is more of the outbound side, I'm happy to share how I see that approach would give you success.

Perform 12 outbound marketing touchpoints system done by Microsoft and cement your solutions to your target customers' minds (LinkedIn marketing, direct emails, telemarketing, and Lead-nurturing). If you have a long sales cycle (3 to 6 months) and chasing them the right way would be worth doing cost-wise, don't hesitate as long as you have a well-planned marketing strategy and optimization processes in place, and someone who would execute consistently like 100% consistent, your investment will be successful.

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