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Consultant specializing in profitability and executive development. If you're running a company with revenues, I can help you get more of it. Fanatical love of operations, marketing, sales, systems, and strategy.

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If you're buying freelance or contract services, the most important thing is the preparation you do beforehand. Getting a very clear scope and very clear requirements does two things -- first, it lets you know if you can afford to go cheaper (for instance, outsourcing to Eastern Europe or the Philippines) or if your requirements call for someone who is top-notch at what they do. Second, and more importantly, any freelancer/contractor much prefers working with someone has a clear set of requirements and knows what they want. When you're very clear and come across easy and pleasant to work with you, you can get preferred rates. I've got a lot of experience both as a buyer and seller of contract/freelance services, so do follow up with me for a call if you're interested in fleshing out a gameplan for your particular situation.

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