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Managing Partner - Xlarise Associates. Mentor to 100+ entrepreneurs, Advisor to 30+ startups. Yogender has run and managed $Millions business for TCS and Bank of America. As a Business Advisor he has helped both startups and fortune clients across - US, UK, India and Middle-East, grow their business. He incubates and Invest in startups and is on the advisory board of several startups

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When it comes to finances, i'd suggest to not assume much. Financial discipline is imperative for any startup to succeed.
Following points would be helpful for you to begin with
1) keep a close watch on cash flow management
2) work lean and keep liabilities to a minimum
3) spend capital with a well defined measurement of ROI

You may want to check out the following course on Udemy


Also, you may want to schedule a call and i'd be happy to support further

PR forms an integral part of your marketing strategy. So i am sure you would have your marketing plans across channels in place to get the best ROI.
For further inputs you may message/setup a call

The first step is to get the idea validated and opportunity assessed. It is important for an entrepreneur to invest time and energy in idea which has potential of getting transformed into sustainable business.
I'd be happy to assist you move forward in your journey. Drop a message/schedule a call or you may further write to our incubator at startup@xlarise.com for extensive support

I presume you have an ed-tech offering for your target customer (Univ. and Companies) . Their customers are students and employee, so tell them how your offering create value for their end customer and thus benefit them. I have mentored 6 successful ed-tech enterprises. Feel free to setup a call to replicate success in your venture.

First find out what problem you can solve using your existing skills. Next, create customer profile who face these problems, and define your target market. Build operation, marketing and sales plan to get started
Feel free to setup a call if you need help in creating your business road-map

Check how your service/product create value for your target customer. The best way to capture value is by creating value. Only when your customer see benefit they would buy it from you. For further inputs on customer acquisition and growth feel free to setup a call.

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