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I guide people with sweaty palms, shaky voices and paralyzing fear into a commanding place of confidence. By giving relentless motivation techniques and reframing fear into a positive perspective I help you stand with confidence and successful outcomes to any situation.

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Are you wanting the client to give you a testimonial or start their own clarity account to offer services?

VP of Logistics?
Executive Officer Of Planning and Projects?

And if you are concerned that one person can do it all there is the possibility to hire one as the senior exec with a secondary as junior exec.

Since you are already succeeding with Facebook then stick with it.... just BIGGER.

Generate long term and repeat customers thru a Facebook store.

1. Create a FB biz page
2. Add the store app
3. Add content to your FB feed for content marketing
4. Hookup a chat bot that pops up for every page visitor
5. Chat bot will walk people thru sales process on autopilot
6. Build a list of buyers everytime someone uses the chat bot.
7. Send broadcast messages of new items and specials to your chat bot list.... These lists get 80% open rate and 50% conversion rates on average ( 10x more effective than email)

This option is was faster to get rolling than websites, SEO and email list building.

It is also more cost effective. The Facebook page is free and the Chat Bot software is under $20 a month.

And it is all automated so you don't have to pay wages to a bot that works 24/7

I can hook you up with a strategy and custom bot to get you rolling within 30 days.

Give me a ring.

After looking over your site I think the answer might be staring you in the face. You have a ton of people and businesses on your site that can be monetized 100 different ways beyond selling ad space.

Just to name a few off the top of my head.

1. Run a webinar selling a high ticket program for all the freebie, individual and job seekers - net $20k +

2. Contact business accounts and offer added incentives if they purchase a lifetime account - net $50k +

Get a massive cash fuel influx within a week.

I can help you set all this up from strategies, logistics to fruition. I'm very excited to help you. Call me so we can get working on this together and make a reality by next week.

You have to create a different message for different markets.

Let's think about Sears marketing for a moment....

For the ladies - See the softer side of Sears
For the men - lifetime warranty for Craftsmen Tools.

Many companies can market to multiple areas. The one main difference is they are creating selling points, slogans and strategies for each market.

There isn't a "One Size Fits All" option when marketing to different target audiences.

I'd love to help you.

Give me a call and to set up different messages and marketing strategies for your two target audiences.

Let's think about this for a moment, toaster ovens haven't been a common household appliance since the invention of the microwave. Although they are still found in the homes of the "I wanna be a gourmet chef at home" crowd which is a very lucrative niche'.

Instead of limiting yourself to only toaster ovens, let's crack the door just a little wider to reviews of Gourmet Gizmos. You can bust wide open into a very small niche' of people looking to purchase high end quality kitchen appliances for crafting home cooked cuisine.

This has 3 very distinct advantages for your success.
1.. This niche' of unique buyers have money they are willing to spend for quality products that are difficult to find elsewhere.
2. They make repeat purchases. Today they need a toaster oven and next week they want a cappucino machine. Since they have already bought from you once they know to where to come back for their next unique, hard to find item.
3. You have multiple items to sell without competing competition from Lowe's, Home Depot or Maytag.

This advice is coming from a mom/marketer that knows her way around a kitchen. I'm happy to help you lay out strategies and devise a marketing plan for exposure and sells. Give me a call. Thanks, Delilah

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