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I’ve built a large book of business using only my iPhone and trained many others to do the same:

“Entre-employee” business development and relationship sales expert. Experienced and training teams of sales professionals at more effectively using mobile devices to increase productivity and engagement while saving time and resources. Skilled in Client Relationship software such as CallProof, Email Marketing software such as Mailchimp, SMS software such as Slick Text, QR codes, MEMEs, GIFs, and many others.

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That depends on what you mean by “next level”. I’d tend to focus on the jobs that create steady recurring revenue such as the maintenance contracts. Start asking your existing raving fans if anyone they know could use your help as well. Include a flyer in their invoice if you mail them. Send a text or email campaign that’s not spammy with a reward for referrals such as a coupon or free month of service.

Look for opportunities to automate or outsource some areas of your operations so you can work ON your business (market and sell) instead of IN your business (managing day to day). There’s always risk when you expand so make sure you have the cash on hand to deal with some unexpected challenges and be cautious not to over extend on any strategy. Hope this is helpful!

Having sold to these businesses in a variety of capacities I agree demonstrating the value and benefit to them can be quite challenging. The smaller a business is the more cautious they will tend to be with their limited marketing dollars. My advice is to focus on low risk strategies where you offer value without commitments from them to build a relationship. Make them give you a killer offer to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns (Free is a magic word). Once they see the direct response to your efforts let the fear of loss do the selling for you. Also ATTRIBUTION (think tracking) is key to getting past the hook point. I may be of service in refining your pitch. Thanks!

While I understand your frustration at this situation I wouldn’t expect to be compensated for services I had not yet provided. Maybe something happened beyond the prospect’s control. Think medical or emergency. We should also remember while we are here providing value without the clients paying the fees this platform doesn’t exist. Hopefully the next call goes much better for you!!

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