Yousef Farrouhleadership skills coach, start-up company guider

Yousef is an Entrepreneur, a Professional Leader and Investment Guider, with extensive experience in sales, Strategy, management that gained by working in Middle East with highly respected local and multinational companies. This shaped his core values of inclusive teamwork, within diverse environments and developed a deep understanding of various regional and local cultures.
He is described by those who have worked with him as influential, supportive, creative, with an ear to ground, committed, balanced between people & results-oriented. Yousef definitely has the acumen to analyze complex opportunities and accounts and focus on the ones that leads to achieving organizational targets.

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the world class sales professional, always starts from the need of the customer, and this requires from you:
1- be prepared and understand the customer business very well and his position in the market through people and internet
2- define the right persons to go to
3- understand the purchasing cycle and stage
4- be skillful how to ask right questions and use right conversation to let your customer to express explicit need
5- get the commitment
6- build a credibility more
7- have a coach to help you once you got stock somewhere.
anyhow, all of these steps are an art of Selling Skills set by Miller Heiman Group, where I am working as Sales consultant .. Best Regards

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